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Free Webinar: Explosive Kids, Explosive Parents - Family Trauma Solutions


Explosive kids often have explosive parents. This “interactional trauma” dance between kids and their parents often involves communication that contains criticism, lecturing, sarcasm, and a lack of nurturance.

Over time, this drama leads to out-of-control behaviors like aggression or disrespect as well as unforgiveness and generational trauma. It often goes untreated when providers are only trained in individual therapy with the child and not the entire traumatized family.

In this free webinar, Dr. Scott Sells, the developer of the FST| Family Systems Trauma model will show you:

• How explosiveness is caused by an imbalance of love or limits.
• What causes interactional trauma between parent and child.
• How to quickly stop explosiveness between parent and child by locating the undercurrents or the unseen root causes.

Video case examples will be shown to illustrate key techniques that you can use the next day at work followed by Q & A with Dr. Sells.

DATE: February 8, 2023

TIME: 12 - 1 pm EST

Click HERE to register to watch live AND receive the recording link.

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