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Dovetail Learning's TOOLBOX a resource for schools seeking to be trauma-informed


Bryan Clement, Dovetail Learning, gave a compelling presentation to the ACEs Connection community coalition in Sonoma County, CA, in late January.

He began with a video showing how kids are putting social and emotional skills into action in their school settings (English and Spanish versions embedded below): 

TOOLBOX clearly offers great tools for strengthening relationships between folks of all ages.  It also provides the language and framework creating a strong relationship-based foundation for schools seeking to become Trauma Informed.

Bryan shared the helpful tools attached, which provide deeper insights into the program and it's evidenced-based approaches.

For more information, please visit or contact Bryan Clement, Director of Program and Partnerships, at (707) 861-3386 Ext. 103.


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I have worked with parents who have children lucky enough to have received Toolbox education in their schools.  It is a wonderful skill set that integrates very well into a trauma informed approach.  We provided additional parent support at one of the schools involved in this project and we could see what a benefit it was to not only the students, but also all of the school personnel - teachers, office staff, playground attendants.  When everyone is playing by the same rules, it makes for a great safe and kind environment!.  Heck, every time I review the tools, I remember how useful they are for me.

Thank you Holly White-Wolfe.

TOOLBOX is deeply trauma informed, having been created by/with children with significant ACEs. Our founder, Mark Collin, MA, MFT, worked with ACEs children over many years discovering the 12 Tools within the children. The "Tools" are the children's own capacities, strategies, and practices that help them navigate the world of their own and others trauma. 

The Tools are transforming children, their teachers and parents through the common language and practices available within each of us.

As a survivor of my own childhood ACEs, I feel deeply grateful to be offering this work to schools across the US.

~ Chuck Fisher, PhD, Executive Director, Dovetail Learning

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