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Call for Participation in Redesigning the OCAP Mandated Reporter Training


In case it is of interest to you, please see the message below from the California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention (CDSS/OCAP):

If you applied to the Mandated Reporting to Community Supporting Task Force but were not selected (see following announcement), there is still an opportunity to be a part of the shift towards community supporting efforts!

The OCAP is thrilled to announce that the Online Mandated Reporter Training will be undergoing a redesign to align with the Citizen Review Panel 2021-22 Recommendations, the Child Welfare Council Prevention and Early Intervention Subcommittee Recommendations, and a national and statewide shift from mandated reporting to community supporting. About 87% of referrals to child welfare go unsubstantiated, leaving many families interacting with child welfare when unnecessary. This prompts a needed change that prioritizes keeping children safely in their home and receiving adequate supports prior to reaching the need for child welfare involvement. To move towards this change, the OCAP is asking you and your partners to join us in this effort to modify the Training!

In Fall 2023 through Spring 2024, the OCAP will be holding multiple focus groups to ensure the online training provides the most upstream and supportive content to mandated reporters for having the necessary resources to adequately report only when necessary. The OCAP aims to have diverse representation in focus groups, including community members and those with lived expertise in child welfare, and those that have experience as mandated reporters across all disciplines. By sharing your interest in a focus group, you are taking part in a transformative moment to ensuring a trained workforce that prioritizes supporting families if there is little question of risk to a child’s safety.

To learn more about the commitment and expectations and to share your interest in participating, click here to access and complete our Interest Form no later than September 30th, 2023.

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