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Adverse Childhood Experiences and 3 New Videos from Dr. Felitti and Dr. Alman

PACES, ACE Study, Collaboration of Treatment Solutions: Applied to Texas School Shootings

As PACES Connection educates the world that mass shootings are preventable, here is support for their ideas and all of our hopes with actionable solutions.

ACE Study’s Vincent J.  Felitti MD describes what must be considered to help patients get better:

Trauma Prevention and Healing, The ACE Study, San Diego TV Show, Texas School Shootings 2022

Please contribute your ideas and let’s all be proactive now and in the future to stop the mass shootings of innocent kids and adults.

TV Segment with Dr. Alman on Texas school shooter:

Dr. Felitti and I learned how to understand and help thousands of people in the ACE Study from the participants.

We understand the traumas at the Texas school and hopefully some of these understandings come through in this TV segment:


Now we are focusing on ACE preventing and healing courses for parents.

Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more by commenting and/or visiting to learn more about Dr. Felitti’s and Dr. Alman’s:

  • ACE Study Prevention Programs
  • ACE Study Healing Solutions,
  • ACE Parenting Courses and Theater Groups
  • ACE AssessmenT Questions for Teens and Kids (pre and post interventions)
  • ACE Assessment Questions for Parents (pre and post interventions)
  • ACE Assessment Questions for Adults for people over 18 because not all traumas happen before age 18 (pre and post interventions)

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