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Jane Stevens posted:

Yes, anyone can link to this. BUT, for some reason, although it's playing here, the link itself isn't working. I've asked the producers about it, and they're sorting it out. Stay tuned!

Thanks Jane.  I've already added it to a couple training's coming up end of April and was reviewing the presentation and saw the link won't open the video.  Keep us updated on how to access.  I did check to see if anyone loaded it in Youtube but it's not there.

Suzanne, I believe for most people there isn't a day that goes by that they are not triggered by something in their surroundings. In my limited practice as an Emergency Medical Technician, I deliver the ACE survey to my patients in the field. Most, for the first time in their life, find it as a voice to tell their story. For the few that are triggered, I normalize their trauma by informing them how pervasive the problem is and they are not alone. I am thanked by my patients for the opportunity to tell their story by giving me their score. 

Not asking the question in fear of the answer is a response I have heard. But if I'm not blurring the boundaries of my practice, I'm not doing enough for my patients.