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Self-care and Resilience

Scholarships now available for Mind Matters Now!

Has the pandemic stressed you out? Want to learn the self-soothing skills of Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience directly from the author, Dr. Carolyn Curtis? Good news! The Dibble Institute has received generous funding for scholarships to the online, full 12-lesson series, Mind Matters Now . The course helps teachers, social workers, medical professionals, and others manage their stress by building resilience skills and practices for mental well-being. (CEUs are...

Burnout is an official medical diagnosis, World Health Organization says []

Ryan Prior, CNN , May 27, 2019. It's a feeling of extreme work stress that's long been embedded in the cultural lexicon, and now it might be codified in your medical records as well. Burnout is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, according to the International Classification of Diseases , or the ICD-11, the World Health Organization's handbook that guides medical providers in diagnosing diseases. Burnout now appears in the ICD-11's section on problems related to employment or unemployment.

Parent Handouts: Understanding ACEs, Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs (now available in English, Dari & Spanish)

The updated parent handouts are now available in Spanish as well as English and Dari. Here's the blog post with links to all three versions of each flyer. All versions of the Understanding ACEs and Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs parent handouts can be downloaded, distributed, and used freely. Both flyers were made with generous support from Family Hui, a Program of Lead for Tomorrow, who is responsible for making the Spanish and Dari translations available. These are updates of the...

New Health Resiliency Stress Questionnaire debuts for pediatricians, family practice, internal medicine...but anyone can use it

There's a new ACEs-resiliency survey in town! It came out of a conversation between two physicians having a conversation on a bus. Here's the story about how it was developed, and how to use it. Pilots were done in a pediatric clinic, internal medicine, addiction treatment center, group therapy, and psychiatric practice. It's now being used in two community clinics.

Care for Yourself, So You Can Care for Others

December can be a busy and stressful time for everyone. Please see the message below from the Office of Head Start, reminding you to take care of yourself and giving some helpful daily tips- Safe Foundations, Healthy Futures Campaign Care for Yourself, So You Can Care for Others December 2018 December can be a particularly hard time to take care of yourself. You may be busy, over-scheduled, stressed about finances, or worried about family. This month, the Safe Foundations, Healthy Futures...

How to Make Your Workday More Mindful []

At age 40, Joe Burton was not a mindful leader. He was the COO of an $2 billion company, working 12-hour days and weekends and making more than half a million dollars a year. But his body was paying the price: He was suffering from insomnia, asthma, and eight years of chronic back pain that was so bad it sometimes brought him to tears. “I was frustrated, angry, competitive, and hurting,” Burton writes in his 2018 book Creating Mindful Leaders: How to Power Down, Power Up, and Power Forward .

Five Ways Mindfulness Meditation Is Good for Your Health []

According to thousands of years of tradition, Buddhists meditate to understand themselves and their connections to all beings. By doing so, they hope to be released from suffering and ultimately gain enlightenment. In recent decades, researchers have been gaining insight into the benefits of practicing this ancient tradition. By studying more secular versions of mindfulness meditation, they’ve found that learning to pay attention to our current experiences and accept them without judgment...

From Compassion Fatigue to Healing Centered Engagement: Turning Trauma Informed Values into Action

To pave the way for a truly strengths-based approach to full healing and recovery for both service users and burned out staff, we must educate them on (1) the central role of primal body responses to trauma (past and present), and (2) the early development of adaptive thoughts and behaviors in response to traumatic experience.

3 Ideas to Update Your Self-Care Plan []

With the concept of self-care receiving more buzz than ever before, more people are practicing routines and activities to better care for themselves. At the same time, self-care is included more in our marketing, as it is being used to promote products, services and many, many, many spa services. While getting a manicure or taking a warm bath are certainly helpful self-care ideas, we want to be mindful of how our practice of caring for ourselves is actually helping us. As we reviewed how to...

Mental Health and Resilience Month Part 3: Declutter Your Mind

Happy Friday! For this week's mental health and resilience tip, I wanted to give resources on ways to declutter your mind. Some of them are more literal (#6 - declutter your workspace), but most of them are figurative ways to help you feel less stressed and more centered. My personal favorite is #5 - breathe. Taking a slow, deep breath actually lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, which signals to your brain that you're calm, which then makes you feel calmer! You can read the list...

Mental Health and Resilience Month Part 2: Mindfulness

For the second week of our mental health and resilience posts, I thought I'd give you a sort of toolkit for mindfulness . The basic principle is to bring awareness into whatever is unfolding in the moment, and just notice the things around (or within) you, free of judgement or categorization. Our thoughts are often in the past or future, and mindfulness allows us to slow down and live in the present. You can practice it while you're eating, walking, working, or just breathing. Mindfulness...

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