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Nearly 20 communities on ACEs Connection launch Community Presentation Trackers

As part of the rollout of Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 late last year, we provided communities with an interactive tool that maps the presentations a local ACEs science initiative does in that community. So far, nearly 20 communities, out of about 150 on ACEs Connection, have launched presentation trackers, including Maryland and Arkansas. (A full list is at the bottom of this blog post.) Growing Resilience Communities 2.0 provides communities basic guidelines to growing their ACEs...

Join your local ACEs Connection community

If you'd like to see trauma-informed care resources and events specific to your city, county, or region, I encourage you to join your local ACEs Connection community! Below is a list of all of the current and upcoming California ACEs Connection communities. Click on the link below to join the community. Alameda County Alpine County (in progress - email Gail - ) Amador County (in progress - email Gail - ) Berkeley Butte County Del Norte...

New Community Manager

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the ACEs Connection Community Manager for the California Bridge Program. Some of you might know me from my time as Research Associate at the Network from 2012-2015. I’m very excited to be back in this new capacity, working in Communications and Trauma-Informed Care. I have a BA in Psychology and a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, and am passionate about children’s well-being - particularly low-income children - and the effects...

Too many emails!!&%@!! 

We hear you! With the phenomenal growth of ACEs Connection (we’re now at more than 22,200 terrific members), the volume of content has burgeoned, and email notifications from the site about the latest blog posts and comments can be (OK, OK...are!) overwhelming. Especially to those people (about 17,000 of you) who became members before October 2017, when we changed our system so that new members don’t automatically receive emails about blog posts and comments from ACEs Connection. So, here’s...

Hey, am I alone here? NO we are here to help!

Do you ever think, wow .... Am I the only one doing this work? And, how come it is so hard to find the resources I need to do my job? And, isn't there a better way to share and collaborate? YOU are not alone - and YES there are amazing people and communities that want to collaborate and share what they've learned! Where do I find these people? On ( clickable ) ACEs Connectio n ! Sign up for ACEs Connection and start collaborating with parents, professionals, well known researchers, and many...

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