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7 Ways to Help a Child Deal with Traumatic Stress

Hilary Jacobs Hendel ·
Traumatic stress feels awful. Thankfully, there are small things we can all do to help relax a hyperaroused nervous system.
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Great parenting resource for Strengthening Families 5 Protective Factors

Bonnie Berman ·
Here is a great website from the Five for Families public awareness campaign that explains the Strengthening Families 5 Protective Factors to parents. It has parent-friendly language, videos, questions to consider, and parenting ideas.
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Helping Parents Develop Positive Relationships with their infants to toddlers (National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence,NPEIV).

Pearl Berman ·
Zero to Three Resource- extracted from website and with discussion text by Karin Hecht (September 14, 2018) Bonding activities between parent and child can be a great way to help a child’s development and strengthen the relationship. The Zero to Three website has great resources for child-centered activities to help little ones learn and grow. One particularly useful resource for parents and care providers are a collection of stage-by-stage age-based tips and what to expect as your baby...
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Raising The Organic Unity Of Child-And-Community

Bob Lancer ·
“When a child displays a behavior problem, the first place to look for the cause and for the solution is to the child’s environment.” Maria Montessori We cannot truly separate the child from the community. In our efforts to “fix” child behavior or heal the child from the traumatic impact of adverse childhood experiences, we need to relate to the community as an extension of the child’s physical and psychological constitution. An organic unity operates here. There is more than just a...
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Sesame Street in Communities Takes on Trauma

Mary Beth Colliins ·
Just this morning, Sesame Street in Communities announced its initiative to support foster children, foster parents, and the providers who serve foster care. Further, more trauma related topics will be addressed soon. The upcoming programing is detailed in today’s The Atlantic article “For-Now Parents’ and ‘Big Feelings’: How Sesame Street Talks About Trauma: ‘The Muppets can often do what humans can’t. They’ve got this special power.’ ” “ "Through its Sesame Street in Communities...
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Toxic Stress: Issue Brief on Family Separation and Child Detention []

By Jack P. Shonkoff, Immigration Initiative at Harvard, October 2019 Background The separation of children from their parents and their prolonged detention for an indefinite period of time raise profound concerns that transcend partisan politics and demand immediate resolution. Forcibly separating children from their parents is like setting a house on fire. Preventing rapid reunification is like blocking the first responders from doing their job. And subjecting children to prolonged...
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Wrestling Ghosts has a TED Talk for you - and more!

Charlotte Graham ·
Hi ACEs community! In case you haven’t already seen it, the Wrestling Ghosts team wanted to share with you a TED Talk we recently came across that we love. Called: “Daring to Question the Way We Raise Children,” this talk explores strategies and opinions by Ruth Beaglehole, founder of Echo Parenting . We think a lot of you guys would find it really interesting, so check it out! The Wrestling Ghosts team is so thankful for the connections we’ve already made within the ACEs community. Our film...
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Commit by July 15th • Community of Practice, Early Childhood

Jodi Wert ·
Is this a good time to contribute your skills and wisdom to an interdisciplinary Community of Practice for adults who are important in the lives of young children? Early Childhood Learning & Wellness 6 Month Pilot Fee Choices for All 6 Months: $60, $90, $120, $___ Please invite others! Click here to learn more . Click here for a video message from Jodi . Please invite others! Due date to commit: July 15th
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[REPOST] Amazing Infographic on ACEs, Spanking, and the Benefits of Positive Parenting

Kristina M Modeste ·
Putting the pieces together! Join an upstream approach to ending violence against children! This is an ACEs & Spanking INFOGRAPHIC that helps parents understand the connection between ACEs and the importance of not spanking and instead, using positive parenting techniques. For a free webinar series to support parents: More information on ACEs, Spanking, and Positive Parenting:
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How to Talk With Kids About Tragedies & Other Traumatic News Events

Patty Franco ·
By: David Schonfeld, MD, FAAP After any disaster or crisis, families struggle with what they should say to children and how to help them cope. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents, teachers, child care providers, and others who work closely with children to filter information about the event and present it in a way that their child can understand, adjust to and handle in a healthy way. Where to start No matter what age or developmental stage your child is, you can...
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FREE WEBINAR: How to Heal Trauma Through a Child’s Love Language

At the Family Trauma Institute, we define “interactional trauma” as the constant conflict between parent and child (drama = trauma) that leads to resentment, bitterness, and lost attachment. Often, the quickest way to heal this type of deep trauma is through the child or adolescent’s love language. Each child has a special one. For some it's “words of affirmation” and for others “quality time”. But our parents often have no clue what it is or why it’s so important. Therefore, both counselors...
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Anti-Oppressive Approaches to Addressing ACEs Associated with Parental Substance Use

Agnes Chen ·
“While it is helpful to know which populations need additional support to address ACEs and build resilience among children, it is even more important to know why higher risk conditions exist and to address root causes of inequities that increase the risk of ACEs.” (Camacho, S; Henderson, S.C. 2022). Over the past three decades, research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) has gained widespread recognition, catalyzing policies and programs, and mobilizing knowledge focused on applying a...
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