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Limbic Revision – Love Heals Your Traumatized Brain


Healing from childhood abuse entails rewiring our brain from fear reactivity to one of feeling safe. This can happen through limbic revision. The rewiring of our limbic system, the part of the brain that controls our thoughts, memories, sensory inputs, and regulation of our hormones.


Trauma and The Limbic System

Chronic childhood trauma causes developmental damage to our limbic system which severely affects how we feel and behave even as adults. We are caught in a limbic loop. Our brain has been programmed to reactivity and our flight-fight-freeze response kicks in even when there is no danger. We perceive danger at any sight, smell or sound that reminds us of our past trauma.

Subconsciously, the amygdala processes information from the senses and our past experiences color our reaction. It concludes, danger without the inputs from the more logical cortex. This amps up our autonomic nervous system, for action by increasing heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen levels, and blood flow to muscles and deactivates all non-crucial bodily systems. This could lead to a host of chronic illnesses.

Childhood trauma keeps us in a state of a high level of arousal and reactivity. We are easily triggered and are unable to calm down.  In fact, life for us is one constant battle – hyper-alert and hyper-sensitive. We are unable to think clearly and rationally. We over-react or sometimes under-react, being numbed to the point of apathy. Read More...

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