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Supporting Children who are Experiencing or Have Experienced Trauma during the Holidays

The holiday season can be emotionally painful for children who have experienced trauma. Festive celebrations can trigger anxiety, loneliness, and grief. Caregivers or educators can support children by understanding how trauma affects children during the holidays and provide trauma-informed care to address difficult emotions. To read more on how to support children this Holiday Season read article from the Center of Child Well Being and Trauma. HELPING CHILDREN WHO HAVE OR ARE EXPERIENCING...

7 Ways to Start Making Kindness the Norm in Honor of World Kindness Day

On November 13, 2023, we celebrate World Kindness Day. Check out The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation - an organization advocating for kindness to be the norm. Kindness Ideas Imagine a world where you can succeed by being nice. Where we all pay it forward. Where people look out for each other. It all starts with an act.

Path to a Just Society-Handout

This infographic aims to create a common language and identify points along the path to a just society. Use this resource to gauge where you are, where you want to be, and what’s needed to get to the next level of integrating practices and policies based on the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences (PACEs). You can use the tool as a starting point for conversations and actions to accelerate the PACEs science movement in your community as you work to prevent and heal trauma...

How to Do Halloween With a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma

Consider taking Halloween off. For many children, Halloween is an exciting and fun time of year. For children who have experienced trauma, it may look a little different. Images and decorations portraying death or blood can be frightening for children who may have been physically harmed, seen someone be seriously injured, or in some other way had their life threatened. On top of this, not being able to identify safe people because their appearance has been altered for the holiday can be...

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