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Dear Stress, I'm over you.

Dear Stress, I’m over you. Stress happens. It can change our mood, heart rate, blood pressure, eating habits, sleep patterns, and our ability to focus, but there are simple ways to reduce stress. This handout teaches youth three strategies to deal with stress.

Mental Health Awareness Toolkit

Mental Health Awareness CDPH continues to raise awareness about mental health and remind Californians our mental health is just as important as our physical health. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need immediate assistance, please call 988 . Individuals seeking non-crisis, general mental health services or information can visit the Department of Healthcare Services Individuals page or contact their County Mental Health Department . Mental health is a critical component of...

32 Mindfulness Activities to Find Calm at Any Age

There are many mindfulness activities available for children, teens, and adults that can relieve stress and help you be more present in the moment. The practice of mindfulness is gaining popularity as a way to ease stress , soothe anxiety, and be more present and engaged in life. Interestingly, some research suggests Trusted Source that mindfulness meditation may even be beneficial for issues like anxiety, chronic pain , and depression. The good news is that incorporating mindfulness...

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