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Strengthening Families Framework TRAINERS

Thirty more individuals in the states of California, Indiana, and Alabama were just trained to be a trainer of the Strengthening Families Framework from the National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds.  This is HUGE! That makes slightly over 1,000 total from the 50 states. But what happens now? We have newly trained trainers trying to reach out and converse with everyone and anyone, with local Health and Human Services Agencies, with local schools, fire departments and police departments.  Please reach out to your local Resource and Referral office and see if they have a trained staff member or know of someone close by who understands your population. Why? Because this Framework speaks to ACEs, it speaks to Trauma Informed Practices, its able to be customized to the population of your area as well as your training participants and their interactions with families. Most importantly, studies have shown that prevention works, and if we have more prevention practices in place, families will be more willing to ask for help, the community will be better versed in warning signs and be able to provide early intervention thus decreasing child abuse while also increasing parental knowledge of child development. 

Sarah Grijalva

Certified Trainer

Child Care Resource and Referral Supervisor

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Hi, My name is Sulema Perez-Cruz I am a R&R trainer for my organization. I was wondering if you happen to know about more trainings to become a Strengthening Families trainer?

Kind regards,

Sulema Perez-Cruz
Resource and Referral Specialist
Rural Communities Child Care

North Coast Opportunities, Inc.
840 Lakeport Blvd.
Lakeport, Ca. 95453
(707)263-4688 x401
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