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OurSOLES youth leaders led trauma-informed presentation before educators and school staff

OurSOLES (Our Students of Leadership ~ Empowerment ~ Service) high school students residing in eastern San Diego county, CA, led an interactive, hour-long trauma-informed presentation for Diego Valley and Diego Springs Public Charter School educators, tutors, school administration and staff last August 14, 2015.

Attached is their Trauma, Community Violence and Community Healing in a Socio-Ecological Model PowerPoint for the Learn4Life Public Charter Schools.

Youth leaders Alexis, Aziza, Bahum, Cameron, Lamont and Natalie prepared their presentation over the last few OurSOLES sessions. It was based upon their understanding of how toxic stress and trauma impacts their well-being and capacity to learn, as well as expanding on their opportunities to heal and the power of positive relationships in their lives. 

OurSOLES is a trauma-informed curriculum for youth leaders that focuses on social-emotional learning, multiple intelligence, coping skills, anger management, resilience building, civic engagement and public speaking through projects-based service learning. It was co-founded by Estela DeLosRios and Dana Brown in September 2013.



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Thanks Jennifer for your thoughts.  Spot on, it's imperative we create safe spaces for our children and youth to share, learn, and develop their resilience through authentic engagement with caring adults.

Excitedly, OurSOLES youth leaders will be facilitating a Parent Engagement - Healthy Relationships on Tuesday evening with the Diego Valley Charter School's Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting.  The youth will lead the entire workshop focused on supporting parents and care givers understanding of adverse childhood experiences, trauma & toxic stress, and building resilience.

What an amazing initiative. As a teacher, we so often don't know what's going on and it's hard sometimes to get teenagers in particular to share their trauma or pain. To create a forum where kids feel safe and confident and empowered to share this information with their teachers, amazing, healing and so important for the teachers. Such a gift in many ways. 

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