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When a Conference is not Just a Conference

Sometimes conferences feel like work but if you’re lucky once in a while they feel like a family reunion. This was the case with my recent trip to Overland Park Kansas, just outside Kansas City, for the ESSDACK Bridging to Resilience conference November 9-11. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have had the opportunity to attend this small but mighty trauma-informed schools conference (I can’t seem to remember exactly how many I have attended due to the time warp created by the pandemic). In their...

48-Hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program- COHORT 1 & 2

New!! 48-HOUR HISTORICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA ASSOCIATION We are the only entity offering a comprehensive, 48-hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program. The Program is broken into 6 levels and is built on a foundation of BIPOC cultures and neurobiology. It is taught from a multicultural perspective, injecting traditions and ideology from various cultures from around the world. In this inclusive study we rely...

How Does Past Redlining Affect Present-Day Disparities in Educational Outcomes? []

By Dylan Lukes and Christopher Cleveland, Photo: Wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock, Housing Matters, November 9, 2022 Starting in 1935, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) began ranking neighborhoods around the US based on a calculation of loan risk that explicitly associated white populations with low risk and Black populations with high risk. HOLC graded areas from A (minimal risk) to D (hazardous). They color-coded these grades onto maps that banks and lenders used to inform their...

Jeoff Gordon sees PACEs science, PACEs Connection playing a vital role in ‘relieving some of the most anguishing pain in our society.’

Note: PACEs Connection is in dire financial straits. We are asking for support, from you, our 57,586 members, to help cover the loss of foundation funding that was promised and did not come through. Pay and hours have been cut for our staff—most of us will be laid off for the month of December. Another grant will pick up in January, but we will still be underfunded. Since sounding the alarm this summer, we’ve raised about $26,000 . Thankfully, about 25% of new donors are making monthly...

Ask the Community

The nonprofit group I work for is presenting its 15th annual prosocial game design challenge. For this year's competition the theme is resilience . We will launch the contest before the end of June and would appreciate more feedback regarding the educational resources about resilience that we are sharing with the participants. Some Background When we launch a game design challenge we try and provide as much helpful information to game developers who will participate. We do this so that the...Read More...

Would Anyone Like a Free Resource to Enhance Emotional Wellbeing for Educators

Hello colleagues. I'm reaching out to see if anyone would like to participate in a pilot study looking to improve emotional wellbeing for educators through an evidence-based toolkit that includes improving social / emotional wellness and mental health literacy outcomes. You / your district would simply receive the toolkit at no cost and participants could attend (via email engagement campaign each week). At the end of the 12 weeks, participants would be asked to complete a feedback survey.Read More...
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What are you hearing about non-profits accesing ESSER funding

Kay Reed
Hi all- I'm curious about anyone has connected with their local district to provide SEL or other mental health supports to address the tsunami of student trauma. We have developed an ESSER Toolkit to help organizations learn about ESSER and reach out to their schools. I've heard of some states starting to push out RFPs and I'm curious to learn more. Thanks!Read More...

Research Question for ACEs in public school

Matthew Fleming
Hello, everyone! I am in need of some assistance. I am working on a study and need to find a medium to large public school district in California that uses ACEs to assess students for trauma. I would prefer to work with middle and high schools, but I am deep in this work and hit a snag. If you are in such a district, or know of one, please let me know. Thank you!Read More...
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