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Practicing resilience during social distancing


Welcome to the COVID-19 and PACEs Science Collection for Self-Care Practices!

We have four topic-specific resource lists related to COVID-19 and PACEs Science. All four will be updated for as long as this pandemic lasts. They are as follows:

We hope these lists, and the resources, practices, and information in them, are helpful and easy to use. Please let us know if you have ideas, suggestions, practices, or resources to share or are in search of by leaving a comment after this post.

Thank you, and take care!
@Christine Cissy White, Community Manager
Practicing Resilience for Self-Care &Healing, PACEs Connection

P.S. For updated medical and public health information about COVID-19, visit:

expand-collapse Quick Practices (30 min. or less) for Self-Care, Self-Soothing & Stress Relief

Daily10% Happier Live
10% Happier website

Discussion and short meditation every weekday at 12p.m. PST / (3 p.m. EST) with varied meditation teachers and guests. Sometimes I catch the meditation and discussion live. Other times, I binge watch/listen. It's great and available for the duration of this pandemic.

Dr JAnxiety Gone Viral: Staying calm and connected in uncertain times
Dr. Jud

YouTube short video

Dr. Jud explains a bit about why this pandemic is causing us anxiety and uncertainty and how and why staying calm and connected can help.
Daily anxiety-relief practices:

ImageBioenergetic stress and relief video with Deepika Sheleff

I saw this posted on the Trauma Project Facebook page which is a great resource. Sheleff is a life coach with a YouTube channel who has made a series of videos related to love and connection.

Click to Play Video: 9 min.

ExampleCapacitar's Response to Global Pandemic
Capacitar International

Several self-care practices for individuals, families, and community use with free downloads on techniques for healing and self-soothing, which can be downloaded from the Capacitar International website and are available in English, German, Indonesian, Spanish.

You TubeFingerholds Technique for managing overwhelming emotions and stress
Lancaster County (PA) ACEs & Resilience Connection / TIC Take 5 Series /

Article and explanation with a link to a video demonstration (right)
The video is on the YouTube / channel (click to play)

(under 2 min.)

Mindful leaderMeditate Together

Frequent times available daily to meditate together, in a group, online, for free. The sessions each last for 30 minutes and offer time for reflection and support, as well as meditation. This is a Mindful Leader COVID-19
Support Initiative - and available now through May 1

Daily freeRelax & De-Stress With These Daily Free MeditationsHealth Journeys, Free Guided Imagery
Health Journeys / Belleruth Naparstek

Meditations change daily at noon (EST). There is a meditation for kids and a page for adults (I like doing both). Go here, for more.

Video (Kids): Click to listen.
Video (Adult): Click to listen.

mceclip0The Nap Ministry
Tricia Hersey

This organization "examines the liberating power of naps," and "examines rest as a radical tool for community healing.  We believe rest is a form of resistance and name sleep deprivation as a racial and social justice issue." The most recent blog post, in reference to COVID-19, is entitled, As grind culture slows down, will you? (Thanks to @Donielle Prince for sharing this!)

Trauma projectTrauma Project Facebook page

This is a page I view several times a day no matter what is happening in the world. During the pandemic, it remains the go-to resource. It's described as "A Psychoeducational Page about trauma + treatment, healing and self-compassion, culture and creativity. Curated by Carol Anna McBride, M.A., M.Ed., Member O.A.C.C.P.P., C.C.A., ISTSS."

This is my favorite source of information for articles, videos, links to classes and curated content about all things trauma, regulation, and healing.

living yogaTrauma-Informed Home Practice
Living Yoga

A free trauma-informed video practices
(45 minutes)
Click here to play.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.09.01 PMTrauma-Informed Yoga
Zabie Yamasaki

A short, trauma-informed yoga practice
(8 minutes)

Too Much Alone Time? Tips to Connect and Find Joy While Social Distancing

Dr. Peter Levine: Somatic Tools to Help Children & Adults Cope With COVID-19 & Other

expand-collapseCollection of COVID-19 Collections

mceclip0A Trauma Sensitive Response to COVID-19 from Alive & Well Communities
Alive & Well Communities

Many suggestions, resources, and considerations for community responses to COVID-19. A few of the topic areas covered are as follows:

  • Validating and Managing the Natural Fear Response
  • Challenging Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia.
  • Mitigating Financial Instability and Lost Income.
  • Food Security
  • Caregiving in the Event of Isolation/Shutdown

For details, go to the Alive & Well Communities site.

black girl magikBlackGirlMagik COVID-19 Global Resource Guide
Black Girl Magik

Medium article about the COVIF-19: Black Girl Magik Wellness Initiative describing what it is, how to access and how to contribute. Article by  Shydeia Caldwell

namiCOVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

A lengthy list of resources with information about money struggles and resources, and support getting medical bills covered among other topics. It's organized in a Q&A format.

Go here for the 15-page guide.

TSNECOVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits
TSNE MissionWorks

This another amazing resource collection. Please find a portion of what's available, below.

Full list of COVID-19 Resources and Information for Nonprofits CLICK HERE.

mceclip0COVID-19: Community Resource Hub (Updated weekly)
Mindful Leader

Below, please find a partial list from this amazing (and ongoing) resource hub!

AwakeFree online Meditation Resources for Times of Social Distancing / COVID-19
The Awake Network

Managing in the Midst of COVID-19
A series with Guy MacPherson of the Trauma Therapist Podcast


New guests are added to the line up frequently, so please check the website for more.

mceclip0Our Response to COVID-19
The Phoenix Project

Resources original geared towards survivors of trauma, particularly gendered violence, expanded since pandemic started with:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.51.08 PMDisproportionate Racial Impacts of COVID 19
Embrace Race Organization

Collection of ACEs Connection's Videos with Elaine Miller-Karas

expand-collapseOne-Pagers, Articles, & Gentle Reminders

Daily10% Happier Live
10% Happier website

hand washing meditation posterCornonavirus Sanity Guide: 10% Happier

This links to free guided meditations, podcasts, as well as the poster (see right) that can be used when hand-washing. There is free access to the 10% happier app, as well, for all healthcare workers.

Weekdays: Live meditations available to all at 12pm PST (3 pm EST) through the duration of the pandemic.

Coping%201Coping with Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: One-Pager

By the California Department of Public Health, Injury and Prevention Branch (CDPH/IVPB) and the California Department of Social Service, Office of Child Abuse Prevention’s (CDSS/OCAP), Essentials for Childhood (EfC) Initiative, ACEs Connection, and the Yolo County Children’s Alliance

plantsDonna Jackson Nakazawa on bringing down the stress-threat response
ACEs Connection Article

Donna Jackson Nakazawa on dislodging the trauma headspace & Making micro-changes
ACEs Connection Article

In placeSheltering in Place: ACEs-Informed Tips for Self-Care During a Pandemic
Center for Youth Wellness, Jim Hickman

  • Article

Quaratine QuestionSix Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine

Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley / Brooke Anderson Article

aweTIC Take Five Series: ACEs Connection/ Lancaster County (PA) ACEs & Resilience Connection

Survival GuideTiny Survival Guide & Gratitude Log
The Trauma Stewardship Institute

Tiny Survival Guide download
Gratitude Log download

A Call to Action Share Knowledge Now
By Cheryl Strep

The Neurobiology of Trauma: Somatic Strategies for Resilience
By Jennifer Walsh


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  • nap ministry
  • Awake
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