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Resource List - Practices/Frameworks

Announcing Trauma-Informed Education Courses!

Registration is now open for two summer sessions of this professional development course for educators! Designed to bridge the gap from knowing about trauma to being able to fully implement a trauma-informed approach in the classroom, this course will explore the key principles of a trauma-informed approach, and how they can be applied in an school setting to achieve equitable and just outcomes.

A Check-In App that Supports Students and Staff

Over 80% of students feel disconnected from schools (official) and 100% of support staff are overwhelmed and exhausted (unofficial). Emote is launching a free app aimed at facilitating closer connections between schools and students - making it easier for staff and teachers to understand and support students' emotional needs. [Learn More] We worked with a team of high schoolers and interventionists to build the only check-in tool that actively supports students and you. Emote Connect works...

Empowering Resilience to ACEs

The 16 Strong Project is dedicated to empowering resilience to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) through educational workshops, school partnerships, and community outreach. 16 Strong strives to continue conversations that help young people recognize and navigate the challenges they are facing as a result of ACEs. We believe that with strong support systems, healthy coping mechanisms and a positive mindset, the negative impacts of ACEs can be mitigated.

Learning @ Home? Try This @ Home!

Hi! This graphic is an excerpt from my r ecent blog post on Documentation in Early Childhood Learning & Wellness. If you find it helpful, consider subscribing to my blog @ Wert Knowing . It explores: How to Vision, Learn & Be Well with Children in a Pandemic Connectional Mindsets, Heart-sets, Environments & Practices How Horses Influence My Work Cheers, Jodi @Carey S. Sipp (ACEs Connection Staff)

Teaching Through Coronavirus: What Educators Need Right Now (

On Monday we asked our community of educators what they need in the face of uncertainty caused by school closures and the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 2,000 educators responded, and the range of those responses illustrates the incredible responsibilities they feel for their students’ learning and well-being. More than 98 percent were facing school closures—and the ensuing consequences fell on educators quickly. Overwhelmingly, these educators requested resources they could easily share with...

Healing ACE's

Healing Childhood Trauma I’d like to thank each member of ACE’s Connection for all your work helping and supporting children through various activities and organizations. You are clearly a collection of people who care about the children of the world. It is in recognition of these efforts that I ask you to consider two books on healing childhood trauma. They represent a life-time partnership dedicated to raising and educating healthy children. Secondly, I’d like to ask you for a word of...

Do’s and Don’ts of a Trauma-Informed Compassionate Classroom

The summer break is upon us and right now parents and teachers are taking a much-deserved deep breath before jumping into the new school year. One of the programs Echo provides each summer is the salary point Trauma-Informed Compassionate Classrooms training to help educators meet their professional development requirements and to give them the space to think about the classroom environment they would optimally like to create while not yet inundated with the day-to- day demands of the school...

Resource list -- Practices & Frameworks

All of these practices and frameworks are -- or should be -- informed by the new knowledge about the unified science of human development, aka ACEs writ large, or NEAR science. This encompasses the epidemiology of adverse childhood experiences (ACE studies), the neurobiology of toxic stress, the biomedical and epigenetic consequences of toxic stress, and resilience research.   Frameworks and Models Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency (ARC) Source: The Trauma Center at the...

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