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Offering Trauma Informed Creative Expression for Healing

We believe creative expression is a human right, but it is a right that can only be exercised when we feel safe to be seen and heard in an authentic way. We welcome you to join the A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) network of 600+ art workshop facilitators who use our trauma informed program with the survivors they serve, their staff, volunteers, and advocates, to further awareness and fundraising initiatives, and beyond.

PACEs Specific Training/Trainer

Hello! I am trying to organize a staff training on PACEs. We are all certified in ACEs trainings but would like specific tools in PACEs. Is there anyone who can connect me with someone in the South Dakota/Midwest Region or any expert that would be willing to help us? Please reach out to me asap! Thank you!

Are you in need of some new inspiration or a renewed call to action? Then read on!

Some of you may have heard my “call to action” story while I was at a WA state conference on ACEs with Dr. Rob Anda in Winthrop, WA on October 3, 2007 (yes, I remember the date!). Although I had already been active in using the ACE Study locally, in a research project at our Juvenile Justice Center (JJC), it was Dr. Anda looking straight at me (or so it felt), pointing his finger at me (at least I thought he was) and saying, “Go home and make something happen!” I almost saluted, reacting to...

Effects of positive and negative childhood experiences on adult family health []

By Chantel L. Daines, Dustin Hansen, M. Lelinneth B. Novilla, et al., BMC Public Health, April 5, 2021 Abstract Background The objective of the study was to determine the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and positive childhood experiences (PCEs) with family health in adulthood. Prior research indicates that ACEs and PCEs affect individual physical and mental health in adulthood. However, little is known about how ACEs and PCEs affect family health. Families develop...

List of Books, Resources & Additional Therapies for Healing Chronic Illness and Other Effects of Trauma (Free Downloadable PDF)

These are the books, therapies and resources I wish I'd known about when I was a family doctor and when I first started getting sick with what would turn out to be a disabling chronic illness. This compilation adds to traditional approaches with the most helpful resources I’ve found over the past 20 years of learning about the science of adversity, why it's not psychological and how to heal the effects of trauma.

New Resource: Coping with Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic One-Pager (English & Spanish!)

English: The California Department of Public Health, Injury and Prevention Branch (CDPH/IVPB) and the California Department of Social Service, Office of Child Abuse Prevention’s (CDSS/OCAP) , Essentials for Childhood (EfC) Initiative , ACEs Connection , and the Yolo County Children’s Alliance have co-created a newly developed resource, “Coping with Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic” in both English and Spanish. This material is intended for Californian families experiencing the severe...

How the Resources Center works

Welcome to the Resources Center! As of October 2016, we are launching this new version. We think that it's a skeleton of its future self, i.e., we'll be adding more categories and more information to each category. Our goal is to make this useful, but not so chock full of content that you don't know where to start. In other words, we’re curating carefully, not cataloging. A couple of important points about our approach: We believe that any...

PACEs Science and Racism

This is a collection of resources regarding structural racism and trauma. This list aims to give a broad overview and is not all-inclusive. We welcome suggestions; if you have any, please comment below! The titles below and the PDFs in Attachments are in alphabetical order. Resources that are hyperlinked in their titles are not added in the Attachments section. BSC Full Report Trauma Resilient Informed City Baltimore, 2016 : This is the full report of the work, data, lessons, and direct...

PACEs Science Books

Here are books that specifically address ACEs science and/or the consequences of childhood adversity, and what we can do to heal and to prevent ACEs. If you know of others you think should be added to this list, please leave your suggestion in the comments section. A wider-ranging book list, including books for children and memoirs, can be found in the Books! group . Titles are arranged in alphabetical order. Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential--and Endangered Bruce D. Perry and Maia...

PACEs Science for Communities

This is a collection of resources to build community resilience. If you know of any other reports you think should be added to the list, please leave the information in the comments section. ACEs Toolkit: Strengthening our Native Communities: How Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Help , 2019 Description: " Native communities face many challenges. Too often the strengths of families are strained by these challenges, and finding effective ways to support our families can be...

PACEs Science for Workplaces

Increased understanding and awareness of ACEs in the workplace may help close knowledge and practice gaps. It may also help professionals identify their own triggers and work towards building a resilient workforce. ACEs & Work, 2014 Description : This is a slide deck from the Foundation for Healthy Generations address ACEs as a barrier to work performance. Adverse Childhood Experiences: Survey of Resident Practice, Knowledge, and Attitude, 2016 Description : This study examines family...

PACEs Screening

This is a collection of resources regarding screening for ACEs. This list aims to give a broad overview and is not all-inclusive. We welcome suggestions; if you have any, please comment below! This resource list is organized in alphabetical order. Highlighted ACEs screeners indicate inclusion of questions around racism and/or discrimination. The Children's Clinic ACEs screener, 2019 Description: ACEs screeners for parents in English and Spanish are in the attachments below. PEdiatric ACEs...

Handouts for Parents and Communities

This is a collection of handouts for parents and communities. If you know of any other handouts you think should be added to the list, please leave the information in the comments section. ACEs Infographic - Emerging Minds, National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health, 2020 This handout created by Emerging Minds and Australian National University covers ACEs: prevalence, trauma and adversity, types of trauma, and ways to support children's resilience. Please find the handout in the...

3 Realms of ACEs Handout

3 Realms of ACEs was created by ACEs Connection with inspiration and guidance from Building Community Resilience Collaborative and Networks and the International Transformational Resilience Coalition. The ACEs in these three realms - household, community, and environment - intertwine throughout people’s lives, and affect the viability of families, communities, organizations, and systems. The handout also covers five important findings from the ACEs study. Download the pdf in the attachments...

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