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ACEs and Education

Free 8 module adult education course "Childhood trauma, Consequences and Essential Responses"

Good Tuesday morning, everyone. We just learned of this free 8 module course on childhood trauma. It is by Dr. Jane Mulcahy and available for a few weeks, until 31 December 2022. "In this free eight module course, participants will gain an understanding of how children’s earliest experiences and the nature and quality of their attachment to their primary care-giver can impact their ability to feel safe in the world, to regulate their emotions, to trust other people, to learn, experience good...

Being Emotionally Intelligent as Parents - Trinidad Guardian article

Hi everyone! As we come to the end of the first half of 2022 and the COVID impact appears to be waning in some Caribbean countries, the focus shifts to the need for parents to build personal capacity in order to support their children through the most traumatic period of their young lives. The article linked to below speaks to the need for parents to cultivate emotional intelligence as lockdowns cease and children navigate the return to in-person learning and interaction with their peers.

Today marks World Day of The Boy Child

Hi everyone, this month is full of observed days that are dedicated to the family or specific members of the family. Mother's Day in many countries was observed on May 8, Families Day on May 15 and World Day of The Boy Child on May 16! Observances for the boy child took place in the Americas, India and Africa over the past weekend and some will continue during this week. Themes included encouraging boys to improve their literacy, addressing vulnerability in boys and men, promoting self-worth...

Reach Within from Grenada Wins Award from Island Innovation and Clinton Foundation.

Hi everyone, we have exciting news to share! A Caribbean organisation called Reach Within that operates on the island of Grenada has been awarded the COVID-19 Response Award for its innovative programmes over the past 2 years by Island Innovation , in partnership with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative . The virtual awards ceremony took place on April 25, 2022. Island Innovation is an official nominating organization for The Earthshot Prize a global prize launched by...

Sign Up Now for Writing To Heal Cycle 3

Hi everyone, we are excited to share that a member of ACEs Caribbean Community, Ms. Caron Asgarali, is hosting the third cycle of her amazing "Writing To Heal' sessions starting on Saturday 30th April 2022. Caron has a lot of lived experience healing from personal trauma through writing, is an author of multiple books and an editor who has helped multiple persons embark upon their own journeys and careers as writers. Caron's page on is at the link below.

ICYMI - Building a National Movement to Prevent Trauma and Foster Resilience.

Hi everyone, as things appear to be reopening globally, the world is in dire need of support to address the emotional trauma of the past 2 years. Therefore, preventing trauma and fostering resilience are skills that will be in great demand. In case you missed it, there is a free workshop series titled "Building a National Movement to Prevent Trauma and Foster Resilience" that is in progress to share information on how to accomplish that objective. This is an initiative of the Campaign for...

We Need Time to Rehabilitate from the Trauma of the Pandemic - Harvard Business Review article

Hi everyone, we trust that you are all enjoying optimal physical and emotional health. As various sectors reopen in countries across the Caribbean, including physical return to school and business activities, this article from David Rock in the Harvard Business Review sends a signal to decision makers to ensure the students and or employees are truly ready for the return. It identifies the possible consequences of a return without adequate physical and mental preparation of students and...

Mental health damage from Covid could last a generation, professionals say - CNBC

Happy Friday everyone! As we approach the second anniversary of the start of the global disruption from COVID 19, this article linked to below from CNBC reminds us that the true toll of COVID 19 on our collective mental health is yet to be seen. The economic and social fallout may cascade as may the impact upon some children whose education was disrupted due to their inability to access or adapt to online learning over the past 2 years. Please be kind and sensitive to what others may be...

Lead the Fight: Giving Children with Trauma a Voice

You are invited to an international book reading and discussion with children's author and ACEs advocate, Juleus Ghunta. This online event takes place on February 22, 2022 at 6pm EST (7pm Eastern Caribbean Time) on Zoom. Register at Juleus is a Chevening Scholar, children’s writer, a member of Jamaica’s National Task Force on Character Education, and an advocate in the Caribbean’s Adverse...

ACEs in the Caribbean

Hello everyone, I'm excited about this post as it serves to highlight the special edition of PREE magazine that explores P/ACEs in the Caribbean (and elsewhere). One of the authors and editors is our very own, Juleus Ghunta, a community manager here at ACEs Caribbean! Other members of our ACEs Caribbean Community and persons with whom we have collaborated also contribute to the special edition, including Drs. Richard Honigan and Stephanie Guthman, and Jerome Teelucksingh, PhD. Please visit...

Six Months and Counting!

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Well, sort of. This week marks just over 6 months since ACEs Caribbean Community (ACEs) was formed here on the PACEs Connection platform. Actually, the platform name change from ACEs Connection occurred during our first month here. In that time, we have been pleased to see a coming together of like-minded individuals from within and outside of CARICOM (the Caribbean Community), all with a passion for helping people thrive after childhood adversity.

Resource for Teachers to Help Anxious Children

Hi everyone! How is your Tuesday going? If you are in the teaching profession, you may have read yesterday's post and wondered if there were resources that you could use to prepare for the return to school in September. Of course the information shared would help you as a parent, as many of you are. However, there is a specific resource you can access to help children who may be dealing with anxiety as school reopens in a few weeks. Click the link below to access Teacher's Guide To Anxiety.

Back to School Readiness for Caribbean Children

Good Monday morning everyone. As we are passing the half way mark for the month of August, traditionally, children would be getting restless as their return to school would be a fortnight away. In many of our Caribbean and CARICOM jurisdictions 2020 and perhaps 2021 will be remembered as periods of great diversity. While some territories barely interrupted the education cycle during their relatively moderate Covid-19 fight, others with more alarming infection and death rates closed schools...

ADHD in first- and second-generation immigrant children: A nationwide cohort study in Sweden

Hi everyone, it's Food For Thought Friday again and we are excited to bring to you this study from Europe on ADHD prevalence in children and adolescents. The reason is that some of the respondents in this study are of Caribbean heritage! With the paucity of Caribbean research in this area, we are always on the hunt for global research that includes respondents from or in the Caribbean. Ahem, in case you missed it, that was a subtle ask for you to share whatever research you may come across...

Psychologists Advocate for Improved Treatment for Developmental Trauma

Hi everybody. This article contains some good news! According to an article on the website of the American Psychological Association (APA), a growing body of research is leading many psychologists to call for the inclusion of complex childhood trauma in various classification systems. "To better serve children who faced poverty, homelessness, and severe neglect throughout his childhood, a growing group of psychologists and psychiatrists is studying complex trauma—which can refer to exposure...

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