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Free 8 module adult education course "Childhood trauma, Consequences and Essential Responses"

Good Tuesday morning, everyone. We just learned of this free 8 module course on childhood trauma. It is by Dr. Jane Mulcahy and available for a few weeks, until 31 December 2022. "In this free eight module course, participants will gain an understanding of how children’s earliest experiences and the nature and quality of their attachment to their primary care-giver can impact their ability to feel safe in the world, to regulate their emotions, to trust other people, to learn, experience good...

International Men's Day - Helping Caribbean Men and Boys

Hi everyone and Happy International Men's Day (IMD) to all the men and boys of the Caribbean. Yes, November 19 is observed as a day to celebrate men and boys, and highlight issues and challenges faced by them. Unlike most dates observed globally, IMD is inextricably linked to the Caribbean in that it's main proponent since 1999 has been a university lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus. Trinidadian Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh has been advocating for the cause of...

48-Hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program- COHORT 2

New!! 48-HOUR HISTORICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA ASSOCIATION We are the only entity offering a comprehensive, 48-hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program. The Program is broken into 6 levels and is built on a foundation of BIPOC cultures and neurobiology. It is taught from a multicultural perspective, injecting traditions and ideology from various cultures from around the world. In this inclusive study we rely...

What Does Trauma-Informed Leadership Look Like in Practice?

Trauma-informed leadership is crucial if you want to accomplish trauma-informed change in your organization. Here’s some expert advice on how you can become a trauma-informed leader. 1. Acknowledge that cultural change is just as important as technical change Our problem-solving brains often focus on technical change when we talk about organizational change. We ask, “ What processes can we put in place to prevent this issue?” when we should ask, “What cultural norms are contributing to this...

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