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Reach Within from Grenada Wins Award from Island Innovation and Clinton Foundation.

Hi everyone, we have exciting news to share! A Caribbean organisation called Reach Within that operates on the island of Grenada has been awarded the COVID-19 Response Award for its innovative programmes over the past 2 years by Island Innovation , in partnership with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative . The virtual awards ceremony took place on April 25, 2022. Island Innovation is an official nominating organization for The Earthshot Prize a global prize launched by...

Sign Up Now for Writing To Heal Cycle 3

Hi everyone, we are excited to share that a member of ACEs Caribbean Community, Ms. Caron Asgarali, is hosting the third cycle of her amazing "Writing To Heal' sessions starting on Saturday 30th April 2022. Caron has a lot of lived experience healing from personal trauma through writing, is an author of multiple books and an editor who has helped multiple persons embark upon their own journeys and careers as writers. Caron's page on is at the link below.

Six Months and Counting!

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Well, sort of. This week marks just over 6 months since ACEs Caribbean Community (ACEs) was formed here on the PACEs Connection platform. Actually, the platform name change from ACEs Connection occurred during our first month here. In that time, we have been pleased to see a coming together of like-minded individuals from within and outside of CARICOM (the Caribbean Community), all with a passion for helping people thrive after childhood adversity.

Upcoming Livestream on Father's Day - ACEs & The Father Wound

Many men and women around the world are nursing a Father Wound and it is negatively impacting their health, eroding their self-confidence and crippling their ability to form healthy relationships, among other things. For such persons, the word "father" does not represent the definitions outlined in the title image. Rather, it brings to mind memories of hurt and pain, or thoughts of abandonment and neglect, or simply a void. So, on Father's Day, at 2pm Eastern Standard Time we want to address...

The Pain of "215"

Hi everyone. We hope you're taking care of your spiritual, physical and mental health, wherever you are in the world. This has been a sombre week with the news of the discovery of the bodies of 215 precious children on the grounds of a residential school in Canada. Words cannot express the incredible pain those families must have felt for years, knowing nothing of the whereabouts of their babies. To have the revelation come at this time, during all that the world is experiencing and with the...

We Did It!

Good Monday morning everyone. In case you missed it, ACEs Caribbean Community had our inaugural online event yesterday (16th May 2021) in honour of both Mental Health Awarenesses Month and World Day of the Boy Child with a discussion on "ACEs & The Boy Child". Despite technical challenges, we persevered and those who logged in for the livestream received wisdom from our experienced team of speakers. The discussion included our two ACEs Caribbean Community Managers, Adrian Alexander and...

Upcoming "YouTube Live" - ACEs & The Boy Child (May 16 @ 2pm EST).

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month and World Day of the Boy Child (WDBC) on May 16, 2021, ACEs Caribbean Community will be hosting its first "Live" online chat on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Caribbean. In a virtual discussion titled " ACEs & The Boy Child ", we will speak with the founder of World Day of the Boy Child, Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, and explore Mental Health and the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on boys with consulting psychologist,...

Monday Motivation - Be Kind

Good Monday morning, everyone. We trust the weekend was an opportunity to refresh yourself and be revived. As we commence the work week, we wish to remind you that all of us hide an aspect of ourselves from the world behind our smiles and levity. Whether it's past or present hurt, trauma, fear, grief, loss or disappointment, we all have that "something". The best thing we can do for ourselves and each other is to be patient, kind, gentle, forgiving, hopeful, encouraging and compassionate.

A Nation in Trauma [A article]

Mr. Benjamin asked, "Does the cycle of death, trauma, outrage, and dismissal deal with the root causes of the violence which affects each person in T&T?" "...the nation is full of people whose traumatic childhood experiences have set them on a path that would lead them down violent roads with a fatal end. He said unless T&T puts preventative measures in place to handle childhood trauma, the cycle will continue and T&T will remain a nation in trauma."

Have You Completed the Surveys?

Good morning everyone. 🙋 I hope you are able to get some rest this weekend after what may have been a busy work week. Question - Have you completed the Introduction and Community Event Surveys? If not, please remember to set a few minutes aside to complete the 2 surveys. The information will help us get to know you and to plan events which can bring us together (virtually at least) to strategize for informing and transforming the Caribbean. Have a lovely weekend!

Tutorial on How to Join the ACEs Caribbean Community

Hi! Some people said they were having difficulty understanding how to join the ACEs Caribbean Community as they are not familiar with the Aces Connection platform. So we've made a short tutorial to show how to (a) navigate the Aces Connection platform, (b) become a member of the platform, and (c) then join this Community. The screen recording was done using an Android phone so it will look a little different if you use an iPhone or a PC. Below we've posted the link to the embedded video in...

Help Inform and Transform the Caribbean with ACEs Caribbean Community

Hi there. We recently started the ACEs Caribbean Community on the website, Aces Connection, to rally our Caribbean people and those who love the region to work together to bring the knowledge of Aces Science ( Adverse Childhood Experiences ), Resilience, Hope, and Truth to our regional people and government institutions. We are facing an epidemic of crime, violence, addiction, despair, and suicide throughout the region and we believe that a better understanding of the connection between what...

How You Can Participate

Here at ACEs Caribbean Community, we want you to be involved in shaping the content and activities of our shared space. So please introduce yourself , take advantage of the upcoming Calendar Events listed, suggest activities in which we can all engage, and post to the various categories of the blog. We have categorised posts into various Blog Categories (see right panel) to make it easy for members to find the information most relevant to them. Please consider serving as a moderator for any...

First Things First

Hi everyone, welcome to ACEs Caribbean Community! (Insert sounds of reggae, soca, steelpan, or tassa here) This is a safe space for all who are interested in addressing issues of childhood trauma, adult trauma, resilience, hope, and related threads. Whether you are a Clinician, Parent, Educator, Researcher, Healthcare practitioner, NGO member, or Government employee, your input to address Trauma is valuable to make the Caribbean a safer place. Our lens is a distinctly Caribbean one because,...

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