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Free 8 module adult education course "Childhood trauma, Consequences and Essential Responses"


Good Tuesday morning, everyone.

We just learned of this free 8 module course on childhood trauma. It is by Dr. Jane Mulcahy and available for a few weeks, until 31 December 2022.

"In this free eight module course,  participants will gain an understanding of how children’s earliest experiences and the nature and quality of their attachment to their primary care-giver can impact their ability to feel safe in the world, to regulate their emotions, to trust other people, to learn, experience good physical and mental health, enjoy positive, reciprocal relationships and behave in prosocial ways."

Each module is presented in video format on the following webpage and you can view them in succession.


If you find the course helpful, feel free to share the link with persons as an introduction to childhood trauma.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

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