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Good evening,

My name is Jessica Shirleen Wilona, I am a student of the Psychology Facutly, University of Surabaya, Indonesia. I am currently doing a research for my minithesis about ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) on the incarcerated children in Indonesia, specifically at LPKA (Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak) at Blitar, East Java.

If you don't mind, would you tell me if you have any ACE instrument for children or if I can use and modify any instruments you have for this research because my participants are children with the age of 12- 18 in Indonesia?

Thank you so much for your attention and kindness,


Jessica Shirleen Wilona


Psychology Faculty

University of Surabaya, Indonesia


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You can find a list of ACEs screening tools for different audiences on our ACEs Connection Resource Center here:

Many of them are targeted to children/ pediatric settings.

I also want to point you to our ACEs in Pediatric community where you can find lots of resources/ stories about how ACEs science is being integrated into pediatric settings. I would encourage you to join the community and you can dialog with folks there as well!

Good luck! Gail

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