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PACEs in Pediatrics

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The True Power of Community Resiliency Model (CRM) Skills for Foster Youth/Families

In 2020 when I first started working with Coastal Horizons, my co-worker Amy talked about the CRM Trainings she was giving. At that point I was new and wanted to learn more about it so I went to my first 8 hour CRM training. Little did I know this training would become a new way of communicating with the children in my home. See I am a single kinship/foster/adoptive/birth mother to at least four children, all of which have experience a great deal of trauma. At first I started by using the...

NCFASD Informed Conference

Target Audience: This project has been planned for medical professionals (physicians, mental health professionals, and allied health), parents, provider agencies, MCO/LMEs, educators, attorneys, and other legal system professionals. Program Description This virtual conference will discuss how exposure to alcohol is the leading cause of intellectual and other developmental disabilities in the US and results in a variety of developmental disability diagnoses collectively referred to as Fetal...

How to Decolonize Mental Health Treatment for BIPOC (

Illustration by GOOD STUDIO / ADOBE STOCK Author Gabe Torres / Yes Magazine / 7.28.22 How to Decolonize Mental Health Treatment for BIPOC Note: Whenever you read the terms BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), racialized people, and racially marginalized, I mean them synonymously while understanding the distinctiveness of experiences and respective identities of racially oppressed peoples. Whenever I refer to BIPOC, I refer to us as “we,” because I, the writer, identify as a person...

What Pediatricians are Saying About Participating in the Trauma-Informed ACEs Screening and Intervention Evaluation (TASIE) Project

Earlier this month, the Trauma-Informed ACEs Screening and Intervention Evaluation (TASIE) Project completed its first 9-month quality-improvement ECHO program. Cohort 1 of the TASIE Project included 17 pediatric primary care practices consisting of 89 providers and 114 total team members, across eight states. These practices have successfully incorporated ACEs screening into their workflow and will use what they've learned through this program to spread awareness of ACEs and toxic stress...

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Trauma Informed PT/OT/Speech

I'm wondering if folks are familiar with any resource or research for a trauma responsive approach to pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy? I know a passionate group who is beginning to integrate a trauma informed approach and would love to see what other work is being done!Read More...

The use of ACE scores for individuals

Andrew Turner
*Repost from General Discussion Board Hi, has anybody got any links to peer-reviewed journal articles where an individual's ACE score/questionnaire is used to inform practice? I know it's fairly common practice now in some areas to enquire about ACEs, but I struggle to find any papers describing how that information is then used. Would be good to find some examples where, say, a score of four leads to a more targeted...Read More...
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Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

Dear ACEs in Pediatrics Community, We just launched a new trauma-informed children's book series called Venus and Her Fly Trip . The series has been developed in collaboration with therapists, educators, parents and healers and is designed to promote mental/social/emotional health, body positivity and imaginative play in kids 4-10 , with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred. I would greatly value hearing the feedback of the ACEs community on this endeavor, and welcome your ideas for...Read More...
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