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Survivor Stories: Michael Skinner Registration, Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8pm EST@ Eventbrite

Survivor Stories: Michael Skinner Registration, Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8pm EST@ Eventbrite - Sexual abuse survivor Michael Skinner tells his story and takes your questions. Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor utilizes the arts to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. Ongoing projects include the interactive theatrical show Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor, art shows, spoken word showcases, and film ...

What's the #1 thing to change to be happier? A top happiness researcher weighs in []

By Ari Shapiro, Megan Lim, and Christopher Intagliata, Illustration: guoya/Getty Images, National Public Radio, January 15, 2023 Happiness can be hard to quantify, because it can mean something different to everyone. But let's say you could change one thing in your life to become a happier person, like your income, a job, your relationships or your health. What would make the biggest difference? That's the question that Dr. Robert Waldinger has been investigating for decades as the director...

Empathy As A Professional Superpower

All human beings are born with a capacity for empathy, but ultimately, empathy is a learned behavior —much like language. Just as language improves our communication ability, empathy improves our ability to connect emotionally with others. Empathy strengthens friendships, encourages intimacy, and makes great teams. It helps us remain accountable and support others. What is empathy, though? If you’re a trauma-informed leader who hopes to become a better team member, the answer to that...

Why We Should Look Up at the Sky (The Science of Happiness podcast) []

By The Science of Happiness podcast, Greater Good Magazine, January 19, 2023 When did you last take a moment to really look up at the sky? Shifting your gaze upward can help us be more creative, it improves our capacity to focus - and it’s a gateway to awe. Episode summary: Natalie didn’t spend much time finding shapes in the clouds as a small kid. And when she got older, looking up was even worse for her. Natalie spent time in jail, where she spent most of her days indoors under harsh...

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