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The Incredible Healing Power of Music - Healing Childhood Trauma in Adulthood

Hi Folks, I have found music to be a soothing balm for the wounded soul. Trauma disconnects us from ourselves - Music and the Creative Arts are Healing - they can help us reconnect us to ourselves - so please follow your passion & your muse. You deserve it!! “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” – Pablo Casals The Incredible Healing Power of Music - Healing Childhood Trauma in Adulthood - YouTube 9:21 minutes -...

The Healing Power of Nature: A Look into Wilderness Youth Project with Andrew Lindsey

CAPC Intro It’s week three of Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time when we pause to appreciate all of the people who come together to support and encourage children, youth and families. Everyone has a role to play in making sure that our community is a great place for children and youth to thrive. Parenting can be hard, and parents must be flexible and strong to meet the needs of their families when challenges arise. Stress can make it harder to be a patient and supportive parent. This...

‘Mom Brain’ Isn’t a Joke []

By Julie Bogen, Image: Katie Martin/The Atlantic/Getty Images, The Atlantic, May 9, 2022 You may have seen it on TV, in your workplace, or at school drop-off. Maybe you’ve had firsthand experience, been warned of its impending arrival, or met someone who’s had it themselves. It’s both a neurobiological phenomenon and an institutional failure. I’m talking about the malady—and the misconception—of “mom brain.” When women invoke “ mom brain ,” they’re typically describing the experience of...

The Problem Is Awareness - Healing Childhood Trauma in Adulthood

Hi folks, I am a musician, writer and an advocate addressing the impact of trauma, abuse and mental health challenges & injuries. I believe there is Hope, Healing & Help for all of us who have been affected. My aim is to share resources and lessons I have learned of how trauma, abuse and the challenges of mental health have consequences for not only us as individuals but our families, friends, colleagues and society. I am not a doctor or a therapist - but I have the lived experience...

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