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Lancaster County ACEs & Resilience Connection (PA)

Working collaboratively with schools, business, healthcare, government agencies, social services, criminal justice systems, healthcare organizations & faith communities to become a trauma-informed community. We invite all concerned citizens, professionals & advocates to partner with us to raise awareness about trauma & its effects, to build resilience, and offer hope & healing.

Blog Posts

Lancaster County Trauma Informed Lunch and Learn DEI In The 21st Century Tuesday September 26th, 12 -1 p.m.

Lancaster County Trauma Informed Lunch and Learn DEI In The 21st Century Tuesday September 26th, 12 -1 p.m. Venus L Ricks, M.Ed., Registration: Teams Webinar Link Ms. Rick’s work centers on “Justice Minded Excellence” where human centered leadership, equity, and trauma informed public service intersect to create work and community spaces that deconstruct oppression and allow...

Building Well-Being

Many people are reporting symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and vicarious trauma are words used to describe the reaction helping professionals may experience. Compassion fatigue is often defined as the cost of caring for others. Warning Signs Include: Reduced feeling of empathy Decrease engagement in work and life Poor work-life balance Reduced sense of career fulfillment Feelings of irritability and anger Problems in personal relationships...

Child USA shares urgent call to action; needs our help.

CHILD USAdvocacy continues working closely with survivors, legislators, and advocates on the ground to pass a child sex abuse revival window for civil claims. The Pennsylvania House and the Senate have passed different versions of window legislation. The House has passed HB2 , which is a legislative window, and HB1 , which is a window via constitutional amendment. The Senate passed SB1 , which bundled the window with two other unrelated constitutional amendments. We support a stand alone...

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