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What Children Really Need Is Adults That Understand Development

The brain doesn’t fully develop until about the age of 25. This fact is sometimes quite surprising and eye opening to most adults. It can also be somewhat overwhelming for new parents and professionals who are interacting with babies and young children every day, to contemplate. It is essential to realize however, that the greatest time of development occurs in the years prior to kindergarten. And even more critical to understand is that by age three 85 percent of the core structures of the...

Restrictions on Food Stamps Will Be Lifted For Former Foster Youth []

By Michael Fitzgerald, Photo: Lado2016/Adobe Stock, The Imprint, August 30, 2023 In a rare mention of foster youth during a White House briefing in May, a spokesperson for President Joe Biden made the case for easing the daily struggles of young adults aging out of the U.S. foster care system. New federal rules will soon expand work requirements for food stamps for more unemployed adults. But “at the President’s insistence,” the White House official said, a deal had been struck with...

Review of “First 60 Days” booklet: Leveraging author’s work and movement could spark revolution to prevent and heal trauma, one precious baby, child, and caregiver at a time.

(This is a review of what I believe is an important new resource for the PACEs [for positive and adverse childhood experiences] science movement. Opinions expressed are my own, and are shared as a parent, advocate, author, and longtime student of trauma, healing, and prevention. Thoughts are also shared through my lens as someone who believes, deeply, in the incredible importance of and value in building healthier, more compassionate communities to support and nurture pregnant and new...

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Hello everyone, I am the founder of Rituals for Recovery a non-profit organization in Ontario Canada who is commited to combating complex trauma and the stigma and suffering that results from it. We are getting ready to launch our fall programming and trauma responsive mind body wellness training and are looking for clinicans, social workers and helping professionals working with children and families in the foster care system (particularly those who offer free services for at-risk families...Read More...

Research/speaker to share sides of foster youth independence and resiliency

For each year's Foster Care Awareness Month, we pick a theme or topic to bring awareness to and to discuss among students within UC Davis Guardian Scholars Program. This year the title is "The Diary of the Independent, Resilient Foster Youth". We are aiming to highlight how former foster youth build skills and gain sense of independence and resiliency while also feeling isolated and alone or feeling the pressure to "do it all" by themselves. We are looking for a speaker that can address this...Read More...
Does anyone know of communities who send a clinician to serve the child (trauma, psychological first aid, etc) when a social service/child protective service team member goes out for a "removal" from a family and move into foster care or kinship care? Someone to focus on the needs of the child, instead of the inevitable negotiations, information-gathering, packing, and management of the parent/guardian? I know I've heard of communities who do this across the country. Having a hard time...Read More...
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