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Blog Posts -- Child Welfare System/Reform

What's Trending in Child Welfare? [National Child Welfare Workforce Institute]

What's Trending in Child Welfare? Evidence-Based & Trauma-Informed New CEBC resource, The State of the Evidence for Intervention & Prevention Programs for Child Welfare Involved Populations. 3 great resources by Echo on the physical impact of trauma , how to support someone who has experienced trauma , and how to empower survivors . A great read on models of trauma-informed organizational change. Leadership What makes an effective leader? Get the top 10 leadership competencies. This...

Trauma, Opiates, and Child Welfare: How Family Serving Agencies Can Do Better. []

We all know far too well the devastating effects of the national opioid crisis, and specifically, the ever-present role of opiate addiction in child welfare. Follow here to read a piece by Nico’Lee Rohac, a foster care alumni and Social Worker, published 9/18/17 by The Chronicle of Social Change. By all outward appearances , I grew up in a normal American family. My parents had respectable jobs in construction and nursing, a four-bedroom home, family dog and a playhouse my father built from...

Changing Organizational Culture []

As child welfare agencies look introspectively at organizational culture, change, and reform, it's important leaders examine the systemic aspects of organizational culture that promote high workloads, turnover, and unintentional abuse of the workforce. Dee Wilson offers some thought provoking solutions to accompany his analysis of the organizational culture of child welfare systems across the county in his latest blog post for the Court Improvement Training Academy at the University of...

Building Bridges - Center offers safe place for children []

Having worked in child welfare for close to two decades, I've seen my fair share of parent-child visitation take place in cold state or county offices, or a crowded play structure inside a fast food restaurant. The article referenced below aptly describes the limitations to both settings, environments unable to set parents or children up for successful, engaging, interactive visitation. Parent-child visitation is very important in child welfare, this is where relationships, connections, and...


When we talk about child welfare reform, we shouldn’t shy away from issues of disproportionality and institutionalized oppression, as both are prevalent, present, and deserving of dialogue. One area of conversation I’ve noted of late is with CASA programs. CASA’s are Court Appointed Special Advocates who make recommendations to the court on behalf of the child’s best interest. More often than not, CASA volunteers are well-meaning individuals who give their time to help children. But, many...

Foster parents push state to reform system []

Now, more than ever, child welfare reform is a paramount issue of many groups and organizations supporting children and families involved in child welfare systems. Across the country, groups similar to the one described in this piece are pushing their state legislators to re-examine how state and county run child welfare systems are working to serve families. Many groups, similar to this one out of Indiana, are also pushing for reform to include principles of trauma-informed practice.

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