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Blog Posts -- Who's Integrating ACEs?

A Case for Collecting Adverse Childhood Experiences Data []

Check out this awesome work being done at Children and Families First in Delaware! They are integrating ACEs and Resiliency across all programs, collecting data, and using results to drive services! Let me start with a radical statement: I love data. One of my favorite activities in my role as chief strategy officer at Children & Families First , a large nonprofit child and family services agency, is turning columns of numbers into sets of colorful graphs. But even more satisfying is...

Explaining behavior: Professional seek to address students' trauma []

Professionals from multiple disciplines working with children and families came together earlier this month in Philadelphia for a three-day conference on trauma-informed practice – the Greater Philadelphia Trauma Training . … About 360 people from the Philadelphia area and across the Eastern seaboard attended, she said, and about of 100 of them work with K-12 students. The first two days of the conference emphasized the basics of trauma-informed work with children from the vantage points of...

An American Public Health Crisis - the 'Pair of ACEs' []

The Soil in which we’re Rooted; the Branches on which we Grow Each of the children described above experiences adversity within their families: parents with substance abuse problems, physical and emotional neglect at a very young age, fear that family will be deported. Each child also lives in a community that faces adversity: widespread poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of needed social services – including in mental health. When childhood adversity occurs in the context of an adverse...

HSC holds symposium on childhood adversity []

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center recently held a symposium to generate ideas for the state to address childhood adversity. As reported in this piece, New Mexico ranks 49th in the Nation for child well-being, and many of the ideas generated at this symposium focused on improvements to working with families experiencing adversity. Hsi said he feels the childhood protective system would benefit from “sustaining funding for a decade to see if we can make a difference,” as...

ACEs-informed 'freckles' spreading across Midwest []

This article is a wonderful collection of ACEs and trauma-informed resources and solution stories happening across the Midwest. Originally published on ACEs Too High, and now on Social Justice Solutions, this article provides a resource rich look at the ACEs and trauma-informed landscape of America’s heartland. From public child welfare, to private social service agencies, higher education and juvenile justice… follow the link below to learn about some exciting programs, initiatives and...

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