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Introducing: ACEs Connections in Ontario, Canada


“Diversity encourages multiple viewpoints that are so important for innovation, makes it more unlikely that groupthink will dominate the group, and makes the emergence of group genius more likely.”

― Sandra L. Bloom, Restoring Sanctuary: A New Operating System for Trauma-Informed Systems of Care

I'm so excited to introduce our new community ACEs Connections in Ontario, Canada to everyone! Thank you for visiting our page!

Who We Serve

This website is a shared space for any parent, child, student, individual or professional interested in learning about ACEs, resilience building, personal or community healing, and trauma informed best practices.

What We Do

This is your ACEs Connection for Ontario. You will find updates, personal stories, like-minded individuals, news, research, resources, and events related to ACEs and trauma informed best practices with a focus on Ontario. Information, resources and events collected serve to inform and engage the people, communities and organizations of Ontario, Canada. We are just getting started so resources and information will build up over time. We are always looking for new voices and perspectives in the ACEs movement.


Join Us!

YOU ARE A GENIUS and your point of view matters! You are welcome to use all our resources, attend the events that are posted, take courses, or simply read our blogs. Your contributions such as comments, suggestions, shared resources or interests can also help us build our community and provide better service. Whether you are here because of your profession, studies, or lived experience, your voice is valued and important to us.

Let us know what you think. Feel free to join our community and invite others you believe could benefit from becoming members. Membership is open to all ACEs Connection members.

I’d also love to learn more about your interest in using ACEs Connection as a resource and how you learned about our community.

What You Can Do


As a member you can:

  • Write or share blog posts
  • Start a discussion or create a chat room topic
  • Comment on posts
  • React to posts with emojis
  • Add events to the calendar
  • Share resources and videos
  • Invite others to JOIN US!

What Can I Do For You?

As your community manager, I’m here to answer any questions about our ACEs Ontario community or the ACEs Connection website, connect you with others, and share information and resources.

Let me know how I can help!  I look forward to connecting.

Signing off from Windsor, Ontario…

Your fellow genius,



Image source: @ivanovgood

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Newest · Oldest · Popular has truly turned me into a dedicated NFT enthusiast. These NFTs are more than just pixels; they represent ownership and active participation in a thriving virtual community. I've managed to secure some rare gems that I proudly showcase in my digital gallery. The auctions are heart-pounding, and I've become quite the pro at trading. Missing out on this NFT goldmine is simply not an option!

Thank you Denise and Elizabeth. Your support has given me confidence and a sense of belonging. I appreciate your assistance in getting started, standing on the shoulders of giants🙂 ❤️.

This is such exciting news Maria. Thank you for launching this community for folks in Ontario to gather and connect.

As we all work together, we will build a quilt across Canada to enfold all our children, young and grown, to support all of us in living our best lives and achieving our potential, fully supported and free from threat. This is my wish.

You are a genius. I'm so delighted to meet you.


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