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Adoption Ontario Offers Grief, Trauma & Loss Webinars


Tasks to be Mastered to Facilitate Healing from a History of Grief, Loss and Trauma Part 1 & 2 with Judy Archer, MSW, RSW

Recommended Audience

Prospective caregivers, adoptive parents, foster parents & professionals


Upon placement, children face two daunting emotional issues: forming an attachment to new caregivers while simultaneously grieving separation, loss and more often than not, reactivation of any trauma from the past.

In this webinar, prospective caregivers, adoptive parents, foster parents and the professionals who work work with them will gain important knowledge, skills and insights about the indicators of healing in the child post-placement and what they can do in their respective roles and relationships pre and post-placement to facilitate the healing process.


To gain knowledge, skills and insights needed to facilitate a child’s healing from grief, loss and trauma



Image Sourcehoto by Fuzzy Rescue from Pexels

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