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Hi Rhea,

Dr. B teaches and trains all over the country about trauma, and often how affects the workplace.

We have Trauma-Informed Care and Resilience (TICR) training available on-demand and live. We offer IACET Accredited coursework with CEUs or Professional Development Hours. Check out our website at

The Leave a Lifeprint Academy is dedicated to teaching everyone about how to make mental health manageable and normalized in the workplace, educational settings, and everywhere people go.

Thank you,


Hello!  I train and coach workplaces to use a trauma informed workplace approach.  Last year I spent 10 months working with a metro health dept in my state.  Here’s an article I coauthored with the dept Director and other key staff in PACEs connection about that journey

Im also a member of the ETSU Ballad Health Strong BRAIN Institute and collectively we created a trauma informed workplace designation for the TN Dept of Public Health.  I’m sure any number of us on that team would be happy to connect.  

Also I’d love to talk! You can learn more about my work at HTTPS://Becky

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