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I'm not sure if this will fit your needs but my nonprofit Educate Tomorrow's Parents offers curriculum for high school students to help them plan ahead to prevent ACEs for their future families.  We've been conducting programs in schools for 13 years.  Now we're offering workbooks and a discussion guide with 23 lesson plans.  Visit our website to learn more:  Feel free to email me - I'd be happy to help you and send you sample material to see if it's what you are looking for:  

Steve Reiner posted:

We are looking for proven and age-relevant lesson plans for middle school and high school students that address ACES, stress, and resilience. Could you share yours or point us in the right direction?

I lead a program in MN that addresses ACEs and helps students build resilience.  I teach this class at Stewartville High School and Middle School.  Check out my blog for more information about lessons and resources.

How wonderful that you are wanting to help your young people with lessons on ACEs, stress and resilience.

You might want check out our program Mind Matters - Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience. ( It is being widely used with middle and high school students both in classroom and community/systems settings.

Here is an overview webinar with the developer about the program.;

If you would like to review a complimentary online copy of the program, just let me know.


One last suggestion and that is to be sure and visit (and join?) the ACEs in Education community on ACEs Connection!  AND we are honored to be hosting Jim Sporleder (principal of Lincoln HIgh School from Paper Tigers fame!) on November 19th for a webinar (see details and how to sign up on our home page, right hand side where it says "Webinars".  More details coming soon!

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