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In response to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis we have converted our successful Open College Network 'Working with ACEs' level 2 accredited course into an easy to access SAFE ACEs training online course.

We have ACEs trained more than 9,000 professionals since 2018

The course can be completed anytime 24/7 on PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile phone and students can stop and start the training to complete at their own pace.

2 Courses are available, Basic and Extra, and both are uniquely presented by a 10 ACEs Survivor.

The course includes various video presentations and a downloadable copy of the best selling book: ACEs in the shadow - UNDERSTANDING ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES. 

The course is available in UK, USA, and across Europe.

COVID-19 is becoming the 11th most common ACE - be ready CHECK IT OUT HERE

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