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75 Calm Down Strategies for Kids

Doty Shepard ·
I came across this webpage and wanted to share with my parent and caregiver small groups. My intern typed it up into a handout. Feel free to share.

Re: 75 Calm Down Strategies for Kids

Laura Pinhey ·
Such good suggestions, and all evidence-based. Great for kids, yes, but most of these would work well for any of us. Thank you, Doty.
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Mind Matters Lessons - Lessons Posted Online

Kay Reed ·
Yesterday, Carolyn Curtis completed the free twelve-week online class of her program Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience . It was an amazing experience! Between 550 to 425 people attended each session. Overall, 2,300 people attend at least one class. The first class on Self-Soothing now has close to 3,000 views. Participants reported that it helped them deal with the isolation of the shelter in place order. It was the one thing they looked forward to all week long.
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Free Mindful Music Group Lessons for Youth and Adult Survivors

Tamara C. Williams ·
Music Beyond Measure engages trauma survivors in arts-based, healing-centered programs that teach coping skills through music education, collaboration in songwriting, and empowerment through performance. Based in New Jersey and serving the tri-state area, MBM is a registered 501c3 organization dedicated to individual and community healing through the arts. We are so excited to present our new Mindful Music program, which merges quality music instruction with mindfulness techniques meant to...
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WEBINAR: Strengthening Social-Emotional Wellbeing for Youth in Care

Esther Barton ·
In today's uncertain times, many youth experience housing insecurity, unstable or unsafe relationships, and toxic stress. Social and emotional wellbeing can help these young people overcome adversity, heal from trauma, and build resilience, thereby increasing their hopes for the future. Learning and practicing mindfulness skills can be the pathway to increasing self-regulation, building healthy relationships, and increasing resilience. The question is how can youth move towards social and...
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The Healing Power of Nature: A Look into Wilderness Youth Project with Andrew Lindsey

Isabella Clark ·
CAPC Intro It’s week three of Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time when we pause to appreciate all of the people who come together to support and encourage children, youth and families. Everyone has a role to play in making sure that our community is a great place for children and youth to thrive. Parenting can be hard, and parents must be flexible and strong to meet the needs of their families when challenges arise. Stress can make it harder to be a patient and supportive parent. This...
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