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48-Hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program- COHORT 1 & 2

New!! 48-HOUR HISTORICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA ASSOCIATION We are the only entity offering a comprehensive, 48-hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program. The Program is broken into 6 levels and is built on a foundation of BIPOC cultures and neurobiology. It is taught from a multicultural perspective, injecting traditions and ideology from various cultures from around the world. In this inclusive study we rely...

Philanthropy in the Deep South: Know Your Funding History and Share The Wealth (

By Vichi Jagannathan , Rural Opportunity Institute Co-Founder — October 27, 2022 (2019 Camelback Ventures Fellow | 2020 Capital Collaborative Alumni Board Member) I first moved to rural Eastern North Carolina in 2011 as a Teach for America corps member. Up until then, I had only lived in cities and suburbs. My parents, both immigrants from India, always stressed the importance of education, so I dutifully attended the best educational institutions I could access, including Princeton,...

CRM Workshops for YWCA for Youth and Foster Grandparents

The Healthy Blue Initiative supported a 3 series CRM workshops for the Grandparents Support Network (GSN) at the YWCA providing the biology-based wellness skills for grandparents and youth. The series consisted of: First session: An introduction to the Community Resiliency Model for grandparents to learn the skills and be able to use them for themselves and their well-being as well as have a common language to use with their grandchildren. Second session: The children/youth learned the key...

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