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How to Help Survivors of Extreme Climate Events (

By Elaine Miller-Karas MSW, LCSW Building Resiliency to Trauma Psychology Today, September 30, 2022 Mental health can suffer after extreme climate events. KEY POINTS Mental health conditions exacerbated by natural disasters include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. After a disaster, the number of people needing assistance from the mental health systems strains or exceeds community capacity. There are simple strategies helpers can use to help survivors restore...

The True Power of Community Resiliency Model (CRM) Skills for Foster Youth/Families

In 2020 when I first started working with Coastal Horizons, my co-worker Amy talked about the CRM Trainings she was giving. At that point I was new and wanted to learn more about it so I went to my first 8 hour CRM training. Little did I know this training would become a new way of communicating with the children in my home. See I am a single kinship/foster/adoptive/birth mother to at least four children, all of which have experience a great deal of trauma. At first I started by using the...

Healthy Blue pilots innovative collaboration to improve health of foster care community in six NC PACEs Connection “Coop” communities

For the last eight months the Medicaid plan provider has engaged community resiliency-building experts and organizers to help children, families, and caseworkers in the state’s foster care program to boost resilience and better manage stress. The innovative project is called the Healthy Blue Initiative . “We all know kids in foster care have higher rates of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) than most children. They are often in foster care due to loss of a parent from death, illness —...

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