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Plans afoot to bring stability to PACEs Connection

To all of you, who, like me, love this website and want to see it and its communities flourish as we work to prevent and heal trauma; build resiliency: please know there is a move afoot by a small group of strategic partners to find a suitable host for PACEs Connection. More will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, friends, we are figuring out email addresses and other communications logistics and opportunities. PEACE! Carey Sipp, former director of strategic partnerships ...

Indigenous Mexicans migrated to California 5,200 years ago, likely bringing their languages with them, ancient DNA reveals (

It was long thought that the Uto-Aztecan languages were brought to what is now the U.S. by Indigenous Mexican maize farmers. But now, new genetics research suggests that these languages arrived far earlier. (Image credit: Ross Shatto / Alamy Stock Photo) To read more of Tom Metcalfe's article, please click here. Hunter-gatherers from Mexico migrated into California more than 5,000 years ago, potentially spreading distinctive languages from the south into the region nearly 1,000 years earlier...

Healing the Generations - Historic, Two-Day Event Virtual Event On Trauma, Race, and The Body

Presented by Clifford Beers Community Care Center, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and KPJR Films, Healing the Generations is a two-day conference which brings together trauma-informed authors, leaders, and changemakers whose work focuses on resilience, trauma, and anti-racism. REGISTER HERE Collectively, we recognize the health implications that grief, loss, political unrest, and racial trauma have on the human body. We are convinced that in our families, communities, and ancestors,...

Disability Inclusion Benefits Everyone (

A group of people representing a range of disabilities and various races, ethnicities, ages, and genders cross a bridge made of speech bubbles to demonstrate how continued conversation and commitment support inclusion and accessibility. Photo credit: Gracia Lam. To read more of Javier Robles article, please click here. EDITOR’S NOTE: We all want to live in communities where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to thrive, and disability rights advocate Javier Robles has been dismantling...

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