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Quick Focus Group on ACEs & Successful 60+ Year Olds



Are you over 60 and successful despite your Adverse Childhood Experiences? Are you realizing that it’s truly now or never for your Soul’s original desire? Do you want to secure your Soul’s full incarnation before you leave this Earth? Are there family relationships you’d like to mend?

Are you in a kind of holding pattern between what is and what could be most satisfying for you at this new stage of life - continuing routines, but just not as deeply engaged as you once were?

How would you like to feel the enthusiasm of your youth again, but  without its ignorance? How would you like to dance with the Universe in your sacred undertaking - vibrantly alive and joyful?

How would you like stronger family connections, or to be connected to a tribe of similarly focused others in this important period in our lives?

Well, I’m building something for us and need a focus group to get a better sense of what we need. This focus group is happening on this Tuesday, May 16, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time.

The link is posted below. I sure would appreciate it if you would come and talk with me about this for just a short while. Thank you so much for considering!!!

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