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Discover the Truth Behind Where Your Anxious Feelings Are Coming From.

At the heart of my coaching practice is my wish to help people re-discover their authentic selves and help them understand the role thought plays in driving their behaviours and in how they experience life. It was this knowledge that lead to the biggest change in my own life, leading me from a life coloured by trauma, insecurity and hyper-vigilance, to one of ease, peace, compassion, and a greater trust in my innate resilience. We feel 100% of our thoughts, how many of them are you suffering...

In conversation with My Guide Inside Curriculum co-creator, Christa Campsall

I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Christa Campsall BEd, DiplSpEd, MA, and co-author of the My Guide Inside Curriculum, which is designed for educators, parents, counsellors and coach's, in fact I would recommend it for everyone. Christa describes how sharing a simple understanding is helping educators to reach those students who are struggling or shutdown, due to adverse experiences. The principles discussed in the My Guide Inside comprehensive curriculum operate in all people,...

Covid-19: 'Trauma Gap' Could Overwhelm Schools and PRUs []

By Kiran Gill, May 13 2020, on The pandemic has been tempestuous for our schools. School leaders and staff have risen to each new challenge: keeping children safe, feeding them, awarding qualifications in the absence of exams, and delivering remote learning. As well as short-term demands, schools must grapple with longer-term fallout. Children who have not had access to books, laptops and internet during lockdown will have fallen the furthest behind. Covid could turn the “poverty...

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