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In conversation with My Guide Inside Curriculum co-creator, Christa Campsall


I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Christa Campsall BEd, DiplSpEd, MA, and co-author of the My Guide Inside Curriculum, which is designed for educators, parents, counsellors and coach's, in fact  I would recommend it for everyone.

Christa describes how sharing a simple understanding is helping educators to reach those students who are struggling or shutdown, due to adverse experiences.

The principles discussed in the My Guide Inside comprehensive curriculum operate in all people, including students of every age. The Pre-K-12 (ages 3-19 years) curriculum points the way to wholeness, happiness, creativity and well-being in all parts of life.

Christa also speaks to the amazing results she has witnessed as students start to realise we all have innate wisdom and resilience which we can tap into at any time.

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About My Guide Inside;

In 2015 the National Resilience Resource Centre (NRRC) Director Kathy Marshall Emerson issued a global call for creation of a comprehensive Pre-K-12 Principles-based school curriculum. She saw the need for a Three Principles curriculum aligned with official education policy globally. Christa answered the call. For 40+ years Christa had consistently achieved dramatic results sharing the Principles with her own students.

Christa committed to developing My Guide Inside. Kathy joined her as co-author of five of the seven MGI books. They designed My Guide Inside to innovatively meet government education guidelines. MGI is also guided by resilience research with leadership from NRRC.

“We define resilience as our natural, innate capacity to navigate life successfully. The opportunity to learn how we operate makes a critical difference whether one realizes resilience or not.” K. Marshall Emerson, NRRC, 2015, Pathways to Resilience III Conference, Halifax

About Christa;

Christa Campsall BEd, DiplSpEd, MA, is a teacher who has been in service at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels in the Canadian K-12 education system as: Classroom Teacher, Learning Integration Support Teacher in Special Education and Teacher-Leader of School-based Teams. Christa is also a professional development facilitator, online remote teacher, and author of the My Guide Inside curriculum.

If you would like to know more, you can contact Christa through her website

See MGI Curriculum brochure.

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