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PACEs in Youth Justice

Discussion of Transition and Reentry issues of out of home (treatment, detention, sheltered, etc.) youth back to their families and communities. Frequently these youth have fallen behind in their schooling, have reduced motivation, and lack skills to navigate requirements to successfully re-enter school programs or even to move ahead with their dreams.

Recent Blog Posts

The Shadow Penal System For Struggling Kids []

By Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker, October 11, 2021 I n the spring of her freshman year of high school, in 2011, Emma Burris was woken at three in the morning. Someone had turned on the lights in her room. She was facing the wall and saw a man’s shadow. She reached for her cell phone, which she kept under her pillow at night, but it wasn’t there. The man, Shane Thompson, who is six and a half feet tall, wore a shirt with “Juvenile Transport Agent” printed on the back. He and a colleague...

Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn't Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge []

By Meribah Knight and Ken Armstrong, ProPublica, October 8, 2021 Chapter 1: “What in the World?” Friday, April 15, 2016: Hobgood Elementary School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Three police officers were crowded into the assistant principal’s office at Hobgood Elementary School, and Tammy Garrett, the school’s principal, had no idea what to do. One officer, wearing a tactical vest, was telling her: Go get the kids. A second officer was telling her: Don’t go get the kids. The third officer wasn’t...

Despite setbacks, Philadelphia Innovators press on with juvenile justice reform (

Innovation seldom follows a straight line—and often one of the most challenging phases of creating a new project is maintaining early momentum and adapting to unexpected changes beyond your control. That’s where Lisa Varon and Rhonda McKitten find themselves. Varon, as project manager, and McKitten, as project director, are two of the leaders behind Philadelphia ’s drive to create a Juvenile Assessment Center that aims to create a more appropriate intake experience for young people, one that...

Minnesota Will No Longer Take Newborns from Incarcerated Parents []

By Lizzie Tribone, Talk Poverty, October 5, 2021 When Jennifer Brown left Minnesota Correctional Facility-Shakopee on a work-release program, it had been six-and-a-half months since she had seen her son, Elijah. The last time they’d been together was when she gave birth to him, under the watch of two prison guards, in a hospital near the prison. Brown had forty-eight hours with her newborn before she had to hand him over to a family chosen by Together for Good, a religious nonprofit that...

Forum Topics

ACE Training for Public Defenders

Michael Shirley
Hi there - I'm working with one of our partners to put together an ACE training for public defenders. We already use ACE Interface and can tailor the training to fit but wondered if there was something more specific. Thanks in advance!Read More...

Looking for Juvenile Justice Curriculum

Hi All, I'm new to this. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I teach a life skills class in a small juvenile detention facility and would love to incorporate resilience and ACES into my lesson plans. Does anyone have suggestions of a curriculum I could use with my youth to teach these things? So far I've looked a little bit at Why Try and Seeking Safety but I am definitely open to other suggestions. Thanks!Read More...
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