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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

Child Protection services

2024 Māori & Pasifika online symposium

Join us on 13th March (9am – 4.30pm NZDT) for a one day Live-Streamed (& limited in-person) event to hear new Māori and Pasifika research. Explore and share indigenous practice initiatives that work and support whānau and their communities. Purchase tickets: Presentations KEYNOTE ADDRESS: HELMUT KAREWA MODLIK (Ngāti Toa) Mauri Ora – A vision for enhanced wellbeing, prosperity and mana GUEST SPEAKERS: DONNA MATAHAERE-ATARIKI...

Support our mothers to be the best that they can be

Mothers need our support and guidance to become the best mother that they can be for their children Social workers and principals/teachers in New Zealand MUST use best practices in order to keep those they work with, both children and their parents safe Currently, there are far too many social workers and principals/teachers that do not use best practices causing significant harm to our parents and their children. Sadly, many professionals using bad practices are women, many are mothers.

Find the WHY to know WHAT to do

Once you find the WHY Then you can find the WHAT WHY the behaviour WHAT I NEED TO DO In order to address a problem In order to address a behaviour You need to find out WHY it is happening That requires a thorough ecological assessment The collection of evidence from a number of sources Analysing the evidence To see if it matches If the evidence does not match You have to go and find more evidence TRUTH is when you get the same message From all sources When you have the TRUTH Then you can...

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