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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

Support our mothers to be the best that they can be


Mothers need our support and guidance to become the best mother that they can be for their children

Social workers and principals/teachers in New Zealand MUST use best practices in order to keep those they work with, both children and their parents safe

Currently, there are far too many social workers and principals/teachers that do not use best practices causing significant harm to our parents and their children.

Sadly, many professionals using bad practices are women, many are mothers.

Sadly, women are doing harm to women.

Statistics in NZ show that women in NZ face high rates of violence used against them.

Our mothers do not need other women to make them believe they are bad mothers

Our mothers do not need other women to bring them make them fall and then kick them while they are down.

If professionals cannot do best practice they need to either leave the profession or get professional practice to learn how to do best practice

Supporting our Mothers

Relationship is key

Relationships need to be: Trusting Safe Caring Empathetic

Mothers need:

1. People who believe in them

2. Positive reinforcement

3. To be told their strengths

4. People to walk with them and to show them what to do

5. See a range of parents so they select strategies that feel good for them

6. To be told that they are doing OK

7. It is OK to make mistakes as they help us to learn and grow

8. Opportunities to practice with FEEDBACK and FEEDFORWARD

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