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July 2023

Announcing the Trans in Custody Project (

About the Trans in Custody project Please click here: Point of Pride has developed a series of resource guides designed to help trans people who are incarcerated access gender-affirming chest binders by empowering themselves and the people in their lives to advocate and effect positive change. Today, we've released our first guide to provide support to counselors in correctional facilities who work directly with trans folks. In the coming days,...

What Is Khanmigo? The GPT-4 Learning Tool Explained by Sal Khan (

(Image credit: Khan Academy) To read more of Erik Ofgang's article, please click here. Khan Academy launched Khanmigo, a GPT-4 powered learning guide, to select educators and students in March. Unlike ChatGPT, Khanmigo doesn’t do school work for students but instead acts as a tutor and guide to help them learn, says Sal Khan, founder of the nonprofit learning resource Khan Academy. “It’s going great,” Khan says of the pilot program. He adds Khan Academy is currently recruiting additional...

Villainizing and restricting social media will worsen, not help, youth mental health (

RYAN COLLERD/AP To read more of Nia West-Bey's article, please click here. The U.S. Surgeon General issued a 25-page advisory , arguing that social media, lacking sufficient safeguards, harms our nation’s youth. Even before that 2023 report, state and local policymakers were holding hearings and introducing legislation that villainizes and seeks to restrict youth access to social media. Members of Congress have thundered away at TikTok’s CEO and Montana’s state lawmakers recently banned the...

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