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What Is Khanmigo? The GPT-4 Learning Tool Explained by Sal Khan (


(Image credit: Khan Academy)

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Khan Academy launched Khanmigo, a GPT-4 powered learning guide, to select educators and students in March.

Unlike ChatGPT, Khanmigo doesn’t do school work for students but instead acts as a tutor and guide to help them learn, says Sal Khan, founder of the nonprofit learning resource Khan Academy.

“It’s going great,” Khan says of the pilot program. He adds Khan Academy is currently recruiting additional school districts to work with Khanmigo when school resumes this fall/later summer, and educators from districts interested in participating should get in touch.

How Does Khanmigo Differ From ChatGPT?  

The free version of ChatGPT is powered by GPT-3.5. For education purposes, the GPT-4-powered Khanmigo can carry on much more sophisticated conversations, serving as a more life-like tutor for students.

“GPT-3.5 really can't drive a conversation,” Khan says. “If a student says, ‘Hey, tell me the answer,' with GPT-3.5, even if you tell it not to tell the answer, it will still kind of give the answer.”

Khanmigo will instead help the student find the answer themselves by asking the student how they arrived at that solution and maybe pointing out how they might have gone off track in a math question.

“What we're able to get 4 to do is something like, ‘Good attempt. It looks like you might have made a mistake distributing that negative two, why don't you give it another shot?' Or, 'Can you help explain your reasoning, because I think you might have made a mistake?'”

The factual hallucinations and math mistakes are much less frequent with the Khanmigo version of the technology as well. These still happen but are rare, Khan says.

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