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Rethinking Masculinity: Fathers as Caregivers (

Aaron Jackson and his son, Takoda, share a cuddle. When Takoda was diagnosed with global developmental delay at 5 months old, "I decided I needed to find out how men who become caregivers, fathers like me, find solid ground and move forward.” Photo from Aaron Jackson. Wayne pilots us down wide, empty streets lined with houses in desert hues, typical for suburban Phoenix. I’ve traded Melbourne’s wintry weather for the Southwest’s arid splendor to carry out research for my book, Worlds of...

Free document: For a child/youth with ID, DD, disability, or/and ASD who has experienced trauma. Some available information and tools for Mental Health providers

Hi. I train a modified version of “The Road to Recovery: Supporting Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Who Have Experienced Trauma ,” developed by the Hogg Foundation and the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN). And while there is a story behind their development, I have drafted two documents; one of which, is the attached. “For a child/youth with ID, DD, disability, or/and ASD who has experienced trauma. Some available information and tools for Mental...

Fatherhood Programs Can Support Fathers’ Healthy Relationships With Children and Coparents []

By Lisa Kim and Elizabeth Karberg, Child Trends, June 16, 2022 Fathers’ role within families has gradually evolved from traditional family breadwinner to that of more full and equal coparent involved in all aspects of caregiving. Research has shown that positive father-child involvement leads to better outcomes for children and families , and a critical component of improving fathers’ involvement with their children is supporting their coparenting and romantic or intimate relationship s . In...

Celebrating Juneteenth and Father's Day with HOPE []

By John Verdejo, 6/16/22, Sunday, June 19 th is a day of celebrating both freedom and fathers. In part, Juneteenth honors Black children and families, including fathers, who were separated from each other during Slavery. The freedom to have a family and to raise children is fundamental to HOPE. Although racism still affects the ability for Black families to access the Four Building Blocks equitably, the team at the HOPE National Resource Center...

Teen Dad Balancing Baby and Books This Father’s Day (

We know that 200,000 teen girls give birth every year in the U.S., but what about the other half of the equation – the 200,000 fathers? Unfortunately, only about 33 percent of fathers under 18 stick around to help raise the child. When you consider that 70% of those teen moms don’t graduate – it’s not hard to imagine why. For Father’s Day, we are spotlighting one teen dad who takes his role seriously and is actively parenting his child. Meet Ricky C., 19, who brings his 4-month-old son to...

Discussion Topics

Speaking about Healing from Childhood Trauma

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Hello. I’m Corey Wolff, and I have experienced childhood trauma. I speak about my journey and how I have healed from it. I would love to speak virtually to the members of your group. It would be both informative and inspiring. I am willing to speak for free. I am looking forward to your reply. Best, Corey Wolff More...

Seeking Parent Input on New Tool to Work with Families on Relational Health

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Relational Health is vital to not just our mental well being but also to our physical health. VITAL's goal is to promote relational health, especially in partnership with parents/caregivers and pediatric providers. We are currently developing a tool to be used by pediatric practices to support children and their families to have safe, stable and nurturing relationships (SSNRs). If you'd be interested in taking a look and sharing your ideas, you could contribute to the design of a tool that...Read More...
Robbyn Peters Bennett

Corona, Racism, Financial Stress, Online Schooling - PARENTS are stressed and need our help!

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This has been a brutal year, especially on kids and their parents! Research says parents are YELLING more, SPANKING more and that the mental health of children is on the decline. Research suggests child abuse in on the rise. SO MUCH STRESS! Parents really need us right now. Help us create a community of care! We are launching the 6th annual NoSpank Challenge to help parents learn... Brain development (and what is normal!) How to parent non-violently How to talk to your children in a way that...Read More...
Christine Cissy White

Coronavirus Stress Supports & New AC Community: Balancing ACEs with HOPE Featured

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Hi Everyone: I hope you are holding up o.k. I know it's early days but I'm already pretty stretched, strained, and worried. So, if you didn't see on the main page, I wanted to draw your attention to a few free things that are nurturing, calming, and can help you, especially if you are parenting and parenting with ACEs. I know I'm not the best parent I can be when I'm in survival mode so these things are welcome. Please share others as I know there are resources being offered to those that...Read More...