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November 2021

Roadmap to Resilience

On November 17, 2021, Roadmap to Resilience: Supporting Children Experiencing Stress and Trauma announced its official website launch and release of podcast episodes, short videos, and other digital tools. Roadmap to Resilience guides the listener through specific, trauma-informed approaches to supporting children and their families. Created by a task force of international child trauma experts, the collection of free resources provides practical, accessible, and timely digital content for...

From the eyes of of a mother, how giving back is a positive childhood experience

My son is old enough to remember me being a single mother and the two of us living in an apartment with cockroaches, wearing someone else's hand me down clothes, and standing in the long foodbank lines hoping nobody would recognize us. Granted this was a short time in our life, still a memory we both can recall. Even when we were living in poverty, my son and I together found joy in giving back often. It was a way for us to thank the community for taking care of us during our time of need,...

The college essay that proves Positive Childhood Experiences work for my family

I am going to give you a little context before I share the College Essay that prove PCEs DO mitigate ACEs. I was young when I had my first born and his life started off rocky. His father asked me to abort him when I was 8 months pregnant right after he was discharged from the military for being an alcoholic. We tried to make it work and the alcohol won. My infant son and I moved away across the country to start anew, never looking back. I struggled for a long time trying to get on my feet. I...

Parenting for Social Justice (ZERO TO THREE)

This resource collection from ZERO TO THREE provides ideas for parents who are wondering how to raise children who will stand up against racism and injustice. There are books that parents can share with their child to nurture identity, anti-racist resources for parents to read, and ideas for those who want to raise children in a more just and inclusive world. Click here to learn more!

The Launch of Heal Trauma Global: Culturally Attuned Trauma Training

Being Trauma-Informed means that we are Culturally Attuned. Heal Trauma Global is a sister company to Heal Historical Trauma and was cultivated to fill a wide gap in stress science & trauma training. The trauma-informed movement is beautiful! It's wonderful that as a society we are moving in a direction that honors an individual's past as part of the driving force behind current behaviors. Yet, time and time again, I have attended trainings that are labeled as Trauma-Informed only to...

Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Level-1

HEAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA & Iya Affo PRESENT: The Historical Trauma Specialist Certification- Level 1 is a comprehensive understanding of Historical Trauma from a multicultural lens. The training is designed for participants serving, leading, advocating and working with people of color. It is the perfect training for people in a variety of disciplines as well as multicultural families and for anyone with the desire to understand the impact of slavery, genocide and colonization. The course...

Resources that Center Indigenous Perspectives from EmbraceRace

From the EmbraceRace newsletter: The "First Thanksgiving" myth is part of centuries-long U.S. settler-colonial efforts to disappear Indigenous peoples and perspectives - both contemporary and historical. Countering those forces with children must be ongoing and year-round for Indigenous and non-Indigenous families. (Resources to help you do that follow.) At the same time, the "Thanksgiving" holiday itself is an opportunity for those of us in the lives of children to counter the "work" of the...

I Grew Up Poor. How Am I Supposed to Raise My Middle-Class Kids? (

By Esau McCaulley , The New York Times, November 24, 2021 Every year on Thanksgiving, my children experience something I rarely did when I was growing up. They see their father, mother and siblings all gathered around a family meal with plenty of food to spare. It is so utterly normal to them that they do not even note it. Thanksgiving is just another day of warmth and security. I have many happy memories of the meals prepared by my single mother and my extended family during the holidays. I...

It is not our job to protect children from pain, it's our job to guide them through it (

My daughter and I were at the park last week — running, jumping, chasing ducks, and playing tag — when the unthinkable happened: when she was mocked and teased for the first time. The very first time. Of course, my initial reaction was full of hurt and sadness, anger and rage. I wanted to swoop in and hug my daughter. I wanted to swoop in and protect my daughter, and I wanted to go full on mama bear on the little twerp who thought it was okay to make fun of girls because she (and her...

Forward: A free Guide for youth and adults impacted by the stigma of Parental Addiction

"Forward: A Free guide to support the Wellbeing of Youth and Adults who have been Impacted by the Stigma of a Parent's Drug or Alcohol use." I am proud to share the release of our new guide: Forward. This guide is intended to increase a youth's understanding of their experiences with a parent's drug or alcohol use while empowering them to use their incredible resilience to move forward with hope and healing.

Nurturing Gratitude (

By Sarah S. MacLaughlin and Rebecca Parlakian, ZERO TO THREE, November 18, 2020 Many parents worry about children being ungrateful. Here's what you can do. When a child demands a toy or refuses to cooperate, it can feel frustrating—like they just don’t understand how lucky they are. Children’s demands might hit especially hard when we’re working long hours to make ends meet or just trying to get dinner on the table. We’re also reminded of how much need there is among families in our own...

Sharing Stories Across Cultures: Native American Authors (

Reading together with young children, starting from birth, gives you the opportunity to share the world with them. Help your child develop an understanding of Native American cultures and communities by choosing books from the titles here from ZERO TO THREE. As you read: Ask questions, watch to see what your child is curious about, and learn more together. Click here to access ZERO TO THREE's list of children's books by Native American authors .

Talking to Your Kids About Grief Is Painful. And You Have to Do It. (

By Miranda Featherstone. The New York Times, November 19, 2021 In September, on one of the first days that felt like fall, we drove from our house in Rhode Island to my father’s house in Massachusetts to spend the weekend. It is still hard for me to write or say “my father’s house.” Until recently, it was “my parents’ house,” but my mother died in June after a short illness, and her simple gray purse no longer sits on the hall table. From the moment we arrived, my 8-year-old seemed out of...

Parents are spending new child benefit on food, education. But will Congress keep it? []

By Matt Barnum, Photo: Youngrae Kim, Chalkbeat, November 15, 2021 Earlier this year, Congress decided to try a remarkably straightforward approach to reduce child poverty: give their families more money. As part of the Biden-backed American Rescue Plan, Congress expanded the child tax credit, which provides cash benefits to most households with children, including some of the country’s poorest families. The IRS has been distributing that money monthly since July. How well has it worked?

Remote work was supposed to help moms in the pandemic. Instead, it hurt them the most. []

By Soo Youn, Illustration: Washington Post/iStock, November 10, 2021 Tuesday was the first day in more than a month that Eileen Funke, 43, had both of her children in school and was feeling well enough herself to get anything done. A Slinky of sickness had uncoiled between her 7-year-old daughter, her 3-year-old son and herself with the colds that have been circulating through her kids’ two schools in Santa Monica, Calif. But things were looking up: Her daughter had just gotten her first...

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