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Louisiana ACE Educator Program (LA)

The ACE Educator Program of the Louisiana Department of Health, Bureau of Family Health advocates for ACEs awareness and prevention across the state. We recruit and train professionals and community leaders to give no-cost presentations on ACEs and resilience science to systems, organizations, and community groups.

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WANT TO BE HAPPIER?? Introducing free sessions for adolescents and their parents/caregivers to reduce stress, symptoms of PTSD, improve resiliency and self-esteem!

Here's information about upcoming no-cost sessions we are offering for adolescents and their parents/caregivers to reduce stress, symptoms of PTSD, improve resiliency and self-esteem . We have mind-body skills groups and mindfulness sessions starting as soon as next week , and we are seeking referrals to support adolescents 12 and up and their parents/caregivers, particularly those who may have been exposed to violence, abuse, crime or have incarcerated parents in the State of Louisiana.

After decades of unmet mental health needs in New Orleans schools, teachers and activists scramble to help kids on the brink (

By Kaylee Poche, Staff Writer, April 4, 2022 Amanda Schroeder saw a lot during her time as a school counselor in New Orleans. Schroeder, who now works as the president of the nonprofit Communities in Schools, recalls the time a decade ago when she worked in a public school in New Orleans East. A kindergartener at the school would abruptly bolt from their desk, running out of the classroom without warning. Sometimes, he’d run out of the school building altogether.

My positive childhood experiences tree

This is the third of three stunning illustrations showing how PACEs (positive and adverse childhood experiences) affected the family of Cendie Stanford, graphic artist and founder of the nonprofit ACEs Matter. This one looks at her positive childhood experiences. The day before her 16th birthday, Cendie Stanford’s older brother was shot and killed by a young man who, just two years earlier, had been her boyfriend. “I was heartbroken that two people I loved were out of my life forever,” says...

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