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The Neuroscience of Trauma and Resilience

Trauma-Informed educational practices are generally neither included in teacher’s standard training nor implemented in home environments. Without understanding the effects of trauma on children, it can create long lasting physical and mental health complications. The Relationship Foundation's workshops and supplemental curriculum, Healthy Relationships 101, introduces vital knowledge that can mitigate the consequences of trauma and revolutionize both home life and a classroom culture.

The Relationship Foundation introduces the Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Responsive Education approach to schools and organizations. Our Guidebook and Curriculum, Healthy Relationships 101 provides essential elements of resilience building. Background on childhood adversity and the application of the lifeskill Nonviolent Communication has shown to make a significant difference, especially when mitigating behavioral issues. Besides benefitting a school's culture, these skills and knowledge can be applied to home life and the workplace.

A Trauma-Informed school/workplace fosters an atmosphere of emotional and physical safety that can alleviate the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).

Learn about:

  • The Neuroscience of Trauma
  • Trauma Responsive Practices
  • Impact of the ACEs on Children and Adults
  • Creating Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms & Workplaces
  • Alleviating the Effects of the ACEs

When something happens in our outer world that has a strong emotional charge, the brain takes a snapshot of it, which is called a memory. Certain memories are activated under stress that have us revert to early childhood behaviors. Learning about one’s ACEs helps to put such instances into perspective so we can respond in a more measured way. Knowing about one's ACEs provides a perspective, in some cases an awakening, that builds our compassion for children and ourselves. Knowledge of the ACEs opens a door to establishing effective approaches to mental health.

"In my 20 years of teaching, I've never found anything as profound as this work."

- New York City Teacher

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