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Mindful Leadership Lab


Mindful Leadership Lab

Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills and decision-making frameworks as a startup or small business owner? The Mindful Leadership Training Lab, designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you, offers an effective four-75 minute zoom experience that focuses on enhancing your leadership capabilities while emphasizing inclusive decision-making and reducing harm.

Through this program, you will gain practical insights and tools to cultivate mindfulness in your leadership approach, enabling you to navigate the complexities of decision-making with clarity and compassion. You will also delve into the crucial aspect of promoting inclusivity within your decision-making processes, addressing unconscious biases and fostering a more diverse and equitable business environment

Join me in this immersive training experience and discover how mindful leadership can not only elevate your leadership journey but also positively impact the growth and success of your business.

Agenda is as follows:

  • June 4th Meeting 1: Introduction to Mindful Leadership

      • Understanding the foundations of mindful leadership

      • Exploring the importance of mindfulness in decision-making

      • Practical exercises for cultivating mindfulness in leadership roles

  • June 6th Meeting 2: Inclusive Decision-Making

      • Recognizing unconscious biases in decision-making processes

      • Tools and strategies for fostering inclusivity in decision-making

      • Case studies and group discussions on inclusive decision-making in business contexts

  • June 11th Meeting 3: Reducing Harm in Decision-Making

      • Identifying potential harm in business decision-making

      • Implementing ethical frameworks to minimize harm

      • Guest speaker session on real-world examples of reducing harm through mindful leadership

         June 13th  Meeting 4:Application and Integration

  • Applying mindful leadership principles to real business scenarios

  • Developing personalized action plans for integrating mindful leadership into daily business operations

  • Final presentations and peer feedback session

Payment Plans are available. Please email Julie at to set up a meeting to chat about a payment plan

**Recordings will be available for each meeting**

About the Facilitator:

Julie is a multi-award-winning facilitator and consultant, who developed and enabled over three small businesses, and startups, and consulted in educational institutions over the course of a decade. With a focus on cultivating care-centered businesses, she prioritizes the personalized needs of individuals engaging with products and services to build care into the core of user experience.

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