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A Conscious Re-Parenting Panel

A Conscious Re-Parenting Panel

Reparenting is a self-compassionate process where individuals with or without children can learn to nurture and care for their inner child, healing wounds from childhood and developing healthier patterns of self-care and love. It involves providing oneself with the support, understanding, and guidance that may have been lacking in early life, leading to personal growth and emotional healing.

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion on conscious re-parenting. In this event, we will explore the transformative power of intentional parenting and how it can positively impact both children and parents alike.

Our panel of experts, consisting of a community program coordinator, psychotherapist, and occupational therapist, delve into various aspects of conscious re-parenting. They will share insights, strategies, and practical tips on fostering secure attachments, emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, and effective communication within the parent-child relationship that starts within the hearts and minds of parents.


Candice Cox, LCSW of KHAOS Mindset

Ashley Patek, OTR and Reparenting Coach

Selina Williams, Parent Advocate and Community Program Developer

Accessibility features to event:


-A transcript

-A learning guide to process new ideas in a structured format


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